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    We are in Springfield to see Doctor C. What a drive from Indiana.... I thought Springfield was 'just west of St. Louis"! Oh well, it was scenic drive as suggested even though I have never driven that long of a distance by myself. We put an air mattress in the Yukon and Kat had a good trip playing a game on the laptop and talking on the cell to pass the time.

    It is a stormy, rainy day today and she is in a lot of pain this morning and of course didn't sleep well in the hotel, so we are excited to see him and get this show on the road again with a new plan of action!

    My husband spoke to his client whose son has been seeing the same doctor, and after 2 years, he is at 100% so we are optimistic once again. Will post when we get home.

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    But I had to cancel it due to back fractures. I did get to talk to Dr C on the phone though. I would have preferred to be there in person.

    Please let me know how your appointment went. He's a good doctor! He reads everything you bring in too. His forms that he asks you to fill out and your own.
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    Our appointment was at 10 -- maybe we slipped into your spot since we got in so quickly!

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    Wow! I have abook of material to go through, but we were very impressed with him. It was nice to not have to go to a doctor with answers instead of "let's try this". For anyoe who is in doubt of spending the money to see a LLMD, DO IT! With the visit, blood tests and travel it was still under $2000.

    I'm not going to post all the protocol he is using, but will answer any questions.