Seeing Dr. Shoemaker- mold or lyme?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by shonna, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. shonna

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    I live in Canada and am being encouraged by my physician to see Richie Shoemaker. I have tested negative to lyme but slightly positive to babesia ( through I-GeniX labs ). I appreciate that this does not rule out lyme at all. My C3a complement level was within nomal limits but my C4a was at 16764. The tests were performed at National Jewish Health in Denver. Also, my CD57 cells are decreased. I am just reading Richie's book, Mold Warriors, and he does not write about C4a from what I see so far??

    Does anyone have any thoughts/advice about seeing Richie Shoemaker or my results? I have his new patient package and have been informed by his office that he would want to do all the required blood work though his office after a consultation appointment.

    I was on a one week holiday in Priest Lake, Idaho in August 2008 when this all started. I had a sudden onset of dizziness, lightheadedness, head pain and visual blurring after returning from an easy mountain bike ride. I found out a year ago that our friends cabin that we were staying at in Priest lake had a lot of mold in the basement. I assumed that because the rest of my family did not become ill and that I was not in that environment any longer, that it was not an issue. I am just now being re-educated about this.

    Do you ever see people on this forum or elsewhere that have a similar short duration type exposure and remain ill??

    I have been to Dr. Rea at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas and met many sick people from chronic mold exposure. I was on Dr. Rea's detox protocal involving glutathione, vit/min IV's, saunas, etc but am stil very compromised. Many tests and diagnoses..........

    I would love some input. Thanks!!!

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    People that have info about Lyme seem to come and go between the Health and Lyme Boards. So if you haven't posted your message on the LYME Board here, you might want to try that. Hope you get some answers to your questions. Good luck.
  3. shonna

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    Thank you . Is there any way I can transfere this message to the lyme board?
  4. Nanie46

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    I would urge you to go to on flash discussion....sign up for on Medical Questions Board...and create a post asking your questions there.

    There are tons of very intelligent people there who have lots of experience with lots of Dr's, treatments, etc.

    You can copy and paste your question from here to there, if you know how to do that.
  5. TwoCatDoctors

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    You can "copy and paste" your message onto the LYME board here. If you don't know how to do that, post back and I'll give you step by step instructions.

    P.S. As I recall, there is a person on the LYME Board here who knows something about Babesia. Good luck.
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  6. Chootik

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    Hi There.

    I was just searching for any posts about C4a levels and came upon your post.

    I just tested my C4a level and it's 20,000! My C3a level is normal.

    Just like you I'm not sure if it's Lyme or Mold? It could be both. Or in fact according to Dr. Burrascano, a very famous Lyme Doc. C4a could be elevated due to any other infection!

    So the question is how do we narrow it down to what it is??

    Shonna, if you get a chance let me know what happenes when you see Dr. Richie...

    You can also email me at my screen name at homtail.

    Good luck and keep me posted.
  7. jamescoury

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    I was treated by Dr. Shoemaker in 2009 with Cholestyramine.

    My side effects were digestive distress, loss of health insurance from excessive labs, and then homelessness.

    Dr. Shoemaker is biased to prove his pathway. He had me dead convinced it was mold, and 2 years later I tested positive for Bartonella (a Lyme co-infection.)

    From the Cholestyramine I didn't have any major side effects except for digestive distress. The problem is that I got better at first, and now I'm far worse than before I saw him. I will say his treatment may have helped me if he hadn't bailed on me.

    Dr. Shoemaker's office got overwhelmed with patients and he never hired more than his 2 staff. The nurse would answer phones and then have to put it down to continue helping a patient. I think this issue still exists.

    I was blacklisted by his office because Debbie the office manager has good and bad days.

    After getting stuck half way through treatment because the office ignored follow ups for nearly a year, my insurance cancelled me from the excessive labs he draws every month for research purposes. He will tell you it is to monitor progress which I'm sure has some truth, but the real thing he is after is data to prove his biotoxin pathway.

    After losing my health insurance, Dr. Shoemaker refused to communicate with me. What a nice way to deal with his own accountability.

    I've always maintained a positive attitude through all of this. I have heard him on the phone say things that are very hateful and resentful towards patients. To him, it seems like he would just rather do research and the patients get in the way with all of their questions.

    You can detect this arrogant resentful attitude in all of his books, his patient info packets, and everything he puts out. He is a negative soul that needs some healing of his own before he can actually help people.
  8. jamescoury

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    Just go to PubMed and search "C4a elevated."

    You will see for yourself how non-specific C4a is to Lyme OR mold. Common infections will cause high C4a.

    Shoemaker is a dreamer and gets very irritated with any challenges to his made up pathway.

    I even saw a doctor who co-authored a book with Shoemaker and he said my labs didn't fit the mold picture. Shoemaker is mold trigger happy and this is life threatening to you, unless you do in fact have mold.

    He is the worst guy to get help deciphering mold vs. lyme or anything other than mold.

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