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    I am a 44 year old woman, I have all the typical annoying symptoms every fibromyalgic person has. Fatigue, brain fog, pain in neck, shoulders, elbows, arms, wrists, fingers, etc. I was diagnosed in 1995. First symptom came a month after I had contacted a roto virus. Severe burning pain in my thigh muscles.

    But the worst problem is I will frequently be hit with a huge wave of exhaustion, and have this crying spell that is hard to control. And my upper stomach starts cramping up really bad, and I start hyperventilating. It's not that I'm upset or sad, not at all, it just happens out of the blue. Then, my body just curls up into a ball and I can't straighten out without being in horrible pain. And I zone out totally, but I'm not sleeping, I'm just paralyzed. I call it my Fibro coma. It takes about three hours to get out of this position. I do not have any other disesaes like Arthritis or Lupus, or anything so I am relating it to Fibromyalgia right now, but if nobody has this symptom, maybe I'm wrong.

    Please let me know if you have this too? I discussed this at a Fibromyalgia meeting and nobody had it.

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    I am really sorry you are having to go thru this. Of course going to see your dr. about this would be priority one. I had panic attacks for years and that is what it sounds like. Mine would not last that long and they would hit at the weirdest times especially in the middle of the night. My sister has lupus and she went thru something like this also but her dr. told her that it was a panic attack. She would wake up and be totally paralized for an hour. She couldn't even move a finger. It terrified her but eventually went away. I have fibro but not those symptoms.
    Good luck