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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by clozano, Jun 10, 2003.

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    I'm new and fascinated by transfer factor. I have 3 children: my 18 year old has high functioning autism and continual infections, my 15 year old has chronic fatigue, and my 10 year old has panic and anxiety brought on suddenly by a virus. We all (including me) are low thyroid as well. How's that for fun?

    My doctor recommended OraMune Max transfer factor for my son's chronic infections, which were so bad he was about to be dropped from his school due to poor attendance. I didn't expect much since we have tried just about everything for him in the past. But he suddenly started getting SMARTER after about one bottle. He also was interacting with the family and his sinuses cleared also. At his last IEP (meeting with teachers) they said he went up 3 grades in reading comprehension in a few months.

    We have begun seeing improvement in my daughter with chronic fatigue (who also had environmental illness when she was little) and I think it is due to the transfer factor. I started her on it when I saw so much improvement in my son. The thyroid medicine was working, but not as well as when I added the transfer factor. And my daughter with panic attacks continually (to the point of me not being able to leave her side, and having to home school) was able to perform ONSTAGE, with no problems before, during or after. Unbelievable.

    I have always felt that they had the same problem, just manifesting in different ways. I'm not thinking that transfer factor is going to cure anybody totally, but I'm liking what I see. I am very hopeful that this will continue.

    One question: where do I get these tests for viral titers?
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    Love your success stories.... You can get the titers done by your regular doc. If he/she balks, you can see a specialist....immunonologist or infectious disease. However, I think your reg. doc should be able to handle it for you.