Seeing new NAET doc today!

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    I'm pretty excited about this, as I started seeing a Bioset doc several months ago, but had to discontinue treatments due to finances & distance/too far to travel.

    I saw him originally due to hair falling out! But I also knew I had a great number of food allergies/intolerences that I needed to deal with.

    I'm a real skeptic, and this type of allergy treatment was new to me---but I'm just as much of a skeptic regarding "traditional" medical care...

    To be honest, I'm not sure how far we got with the food allergies---I still think I have issues with eggs & dairy, and I continue to feel that I absorb almost NOTHING from the supplements I take. To be fair, I was only able to go for about 3 months, so the treatment wasn't complete.

    BUT---I believe it works, because I also had severe hay fever that flared from January to at least June or longer each year---I spent this time feeling miserable beyond belief: sneezing, coughing, congested, palate & ears itching---anyone with severe nasal allergies knows what I'm talking about. They are GONE, I tell you, GONE!! I haven't so much as sneezed, coughed, wiped my nose, opened the Flonase, used a kleenex or popped an antihistine this spring or summer.

    This can only be the Bioset, because everyone else I know with allergies suffered this year as usual.

    I stlll have hair loss & the program of natural (sublingual) hormones doesn't seem to help, but I'll be interested in my new doc's take on all this---he is not Bioset, but NAET, but a closer commute for me & reasonable prices. I will be interested to address the food allergies I believe still remain, plus the fact that I take good quality supps but feel I'm not absorbing tham at all!

    I know many NAET folks here have found out they weren't able to get benefit from certain vitamins & substances until this treatment, so hopefully my new doc is good & can help me deal with this! And---will NAET be much different from the Bioset---does anyone know??

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    Hi Pam: I hope you find some new options to try with the NAET. Could you tell me a little bit about what the NAET docs do?

    That is wonderful to hear concerning your allergy symptoms getting better. I know that the probiotics in the whole food vitamins I take completely eliminated my IBS. I just wish I could get some relief with this pain in my feet and lower legs.

    I feel like I must be absorbing something from the supps. My nails are strong and grow so fast.

    It's good to know that the prices will be more reasonable with the NAET specialist.

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    pam, so glad you're giving the NAET thing another shot.
    Where I went first for treatments, they incorporated the BIOSET with the NAET and kind of did their own thing.

    I have subsequently gone to another practitioner (when I need a tune-up for something like poison ivy) that does NAET, but, again, has kind of developed their own way to do it and seems to be just as effective as where I originally went.

    I personally don't think it matters, just as long as you are seeing improvements, and just because one practitioner charges more, doesn't mean they are any better at it than the one charging less.

    There are so many variables involved in it that could affect how the treatment works, one actually being the practitioner's energy may not coincide with yours, but with someone else they do.

    Also, how far along in your healing process you are. I know you've been doing the alternative route for a while now, and hopefully your body is more healthy than when you started and maybe you'll have more sucess with the treatments.

    Where I initially went for treatments back in 2001, my body was so toxic, they gave me some homeopathics to take after the first treatment bombed so bad, told me to go home and take them and don't come back for at least two weeks. Also, I did not see any real improvements for the first two months of treatments, and I was going once a week, but after that started noticing real improvements quite quickly.

    Re the supplements, don't know if my situation applies to you or not, but I've noticed that I just do not do well with synthetic supplements, and unfortunately that's what the majority of the supplements out there are. I do better with whole food supplements, like Standard Process.

    I have never been able to be cleared for B vitamins. Just cannot take them. I saw a nutritionist at the clinic where they were trying to clear me for the B vitamins, she told me I'd actually be better off not taking B vitamins, just to get them from the foods I eat, that my body just was not going to able to tolerate them. I didn't believe her at the time, but have since gone to another nutritionist who told me the same thing, just thought I'd throw that into the mix.

    And Ralph, if you're reading this, no, I haven't tried those B vits from Standard Process yet, but will give them a shot some day.
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