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    I have an apptment this afternoon with my rheumy.Havent seen her in about 8 months. I have collected much info from this board concerning new medications and I have investigated them online and discussed with my pharm. If this doc will not prescribe them for me to try I am walking out the door and telling her she is no help and I will not be back. Her attitude is that the AMerican Rheuma Assoc does not recognize Fibro as a disability. I know this is a lie becasue of the articles I have read. SHe just doesnt want to have to do the paperwork. My PCP is great and has said he will treat my FIBRO so I am giving this lady one last chance.

    Wish me luck. DOes anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this today?
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    wishing you good luck!

    Best wishes,
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    I have found the rheumies often dismiss a patient once the diagnosis is made. They don't want anything to do with us - because they know they can't "fix" us. I was dismissed into the care of my PCP, who was fine until a few months ago when I went to see her - she had told me to come back in 6 months - and she said "why are you here?"!!

    I haven't been back.