Seeking a Doc for CFS (san fran ca)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jessica_hampton, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. jessica_hampton

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    I was diagnosed with CFS when I was 12. I am now 30, and it's ongoing. Although I've tried many many approaches, I am still suffering with this condition, and hope to find a doctor near me who will truly help me with this illness. Does anyone know of a doctor, that accepts medical insurance, that I can see for this illness?
    I live in Mountain View CA but would drive if necessary. Thank you.
    Jessica Hampton
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  3. mrdad

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    I'm in S.F. and really haven't seriously pursued another
    Doc after being disappointed with contacts I have made
    so far in the "field". Still licking my wounds on that
    one! See if you can pullup some info on this Site:

    You might also place a Post up directed to Bethm who
    lives in San Mateo Co. and has a Doc closer to you!
    Others will come on here too with other suggestions!
    One or more of the Site members uses a Doc in downtown
    S.F. but can't recall the name at the moment. You should
    get some good "HITS" if ya say on Board though, "K"?

    Best wishes,

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  4. mrdad

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    Thanks Kids!
  5. mymichelina

    mymichelina New Member

    I am not familiar with any doctors there now but I would call Stanford Hospital for referral lists and support groups. I grew up in Atherton by the way!! Now in Southern Calif...but family now in San Carlos and Menlo Park! Small world and good luck!
  6. CAAnnieB

    CAAnnieB New Member

    Hi there Jessica,

    So sorry to hear that you have suffered for many years...I can relate! I also have tried many approaches. My primary diagnosis is Fibro, but fatigue has crept in this year as a major symptom.

    I am currently being treated at Dr.Michael Powell's office in Sacramento. I don't know if that is too far for you to travel. It takes me about 2-2 1/2 hours to drive there, but I have been very impressed with my care. I have primarily seen Dr.Powell's Physician Assistant.I started there in January of this year. They DO take insurance. (Not Medicare, tho'.)

    Their treatment approach is explained on Dr.Powell's

    It is not an easy treatment, but I have met & spoke with patients of his who have had good success there. I'm still plugging away! They are without a doubt the most knowledgeable folks I have encountered along my FM journey. The office staff is great. Phone calls are returned promptly. They really seem to care.Dr.Powell is continually doing research & refining his treatment protocol.

    Maybe some others who are in your neck of the woods will be able to recommend a Dr. who is closer to you.I hope you find just THE right Dr. for you!

    Best wishes. Don't give up!

    P.S. Not to disagree with the above poster, but my worst experience with Dr's/ treatment was at Stanford! I went to the Pain Clinic there...was hospitalized...then saw them as an outpatient until I finally realized they had so little to offer me! It was very frustrating & disappointing. I believe they now have an "alternative-type" pain office, which might be more helpful...Don't know how much they know about CFS tho'...

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  7. jessica_hampton

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    Thank you Michelina, I actually work here at Stanford. There is nothing here that I know of for CFS. But I will try searching again for something, based on what you and another user mentioned about stanford. Pain is definitely my ultimate complaint, so perhaps there is a pain clinic here. Thanks
  8. jessica_hampton

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    Hi Ann,
    Thank you for your email. I work here at Stanford, and will look into the alternative pain program you mentioned.
    I looked at the treatment for the FM site you mentioned, and it seems alot like the various other regimens offered to me through the years, , and I have also been diagnosed with FM, and if I listed the rest if the diagnosis i've heard through the years I would look crazy, but I have never taken any tyroid T3 or oxytocin.
    I have literally exhausted the alternative methods for this condition, having a father who is a chiropractor and a mother who is a massage therapist, nutritionalist, I have lived a life well-informed, and level headed, but, I'm getting older, nothing's changed, and I'm acutally ready to take medication, that is, drugs and such.
    I feel like I'm ready to give in.
    thanks for your help.
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    Hi Jessica.
    I just wanted to write you because i also live in Mountain View....I just think its such a coincidence. I also have CFS and Fibro and I believe 31. Im in pretty bad shape. Although im getting a Lyme test done to rule that out. Only other thing im gonna test that i havent already is Estrogen/Prog ratio.
    Anyways...just wanted to say hi. I have Kaiser and i was diagnosed by a Rheumy...i dont know what insurance u have...but she's always someone u could see if u can.
    Please take care and if you want..write me

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