Seeking Aetna/HMO fm/cfs doctors in Manhattan

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    I am barely scraping together the money to pay my premiums and co-payments for Aetna HMO and my rent. I managed to get it through a group and I'm pretty sick so I need a lot of doctors, medication and care. All my doctors lack knowledge about fm/cfs and I have a serious case of fm. I'm getting sicker and I need to find a doctor in Manhattan that is part of the Aetna/HMO network. I've called some of the doctors outside of the network and they charge $525 and up per visit. I simply can't afford that because I will not be able to keep a roof over my head. I live very modestly and spend most of my money on my healthcare. Friends and relatives have been supportive and help as much as they can with basic tasks but times are hard and I can't rely on anyone for money. Does anyone know of any doctors in Manhattan who are part of Aetna/HMO and understand and treat fm/cfs? I really, really need help on this one. For a long time doctors were telling me "it's all in your head, even though one day you were a top amateur athelete and successful business woman and within a few weeks you were seriously physically disabled." However, the physical change in me has been so pronounced and I'm so frail that now even the cynical doctors admit I'm seriously ill and are urging me to find a doctor who knows about fm and cfs.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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