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    It is 3:30 in the morning and I have reached the point of frustration that I have decided to seek advice here. I have read some wonderful and supportive responses from some people here so I have come to this avenue to seek advice. Please comment if you think you can offer ... I realize i am about to reference alot of specific medications but I do so out of full disclosure and a need for help, not as a means to "dr. Shop"

    These are the issues I need help with dealing with ...
    -- I recently moved to Denton, TX and changed jobs ... I am needing to "consolidate" doctors and treatments for finances sake
    -- I crushed my leg about 18 months ago and after major surgical procedures and physical therapy I can still, sadly, say that the only thing that ever relieves the pain is Vicodin. Unfortunately that rx is no longer available to me as I can't afford to see my orthopedic surgeon anymore.
    -- I am constantly dealing with restless leg syndrome in my left leg, along with the pain from the traumatic injury to the right. The only thing that has previously helped with the RLS is flexeril ... Again an rx I need a new doc to prescribe.
    -- I also am suppose to be on atenolol for heart issues and Xanax for anxiety issues

    Question: does anyone here know of ONE doctor around the Denton, TX area I could see to get all these needs and prescriptions covered? I realize that to some that may seem excessive, but I am a single mom with two small children and in a new job with new insurance and simply can't afford to see a primary care PLUS multiple specialists for all of this.

    Any help or referrals/recommendations would be immensely appreciated. Thank you :)
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    Welcome to the board. Lots of nice people to talk to here.

    In addition to the health board, there are several other boards at this one
    site. See the menu in the upper left hand corner. The board rules are in
    the opposite corner.

    If you go to the Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia board, you will find a
    thread listing various doctors. There are hundreds of posts there. You
    might want to post a message addressed to "Moderator" and ask for
    help. See if there is some kind of index.

    Or, you could edit your current post. Click on "Edit" at the bottom of
    your post and then change your title to something like "Need doctor
    in the Denton, TX area".

    If you would like to chat (my only social life these days is here) see
    the Chit Chat board. Folks discuss kids, high prices, annoying relatives,
    music, the good old days, pets, recipes and you name it.

    Hope you can find some help. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the response ... I can't find a way to edit my thread title but I will certainly take your advice and explore the rest of the board :)

    Edit: found the edit button ... Maybe I should find an eye doctor too ...[This Message was Edited on 03/16/2012]
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    Any suggestions for an understanding but not over zealous doc in that upper dfw area would be appreciated.