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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by atlanta, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. atlanta

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    My daughter has been ill for 21 years with what we have always thought was CFS. There is now a national chain of clinics known as Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Clinics. We are desperate for help for our daughter who is homebound by her illness. We would greatly appreciate any info that anyone may have as to the outcomes that they clinics are proiving to patients. We have found no other help for our daughter here in the Atlanta, GA area.
    Most sincerely,
  2. HurtsToMove

    HurtsToMove New Member

    If you type in FFC in the search box you will find alot of information on the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers. Most everyone just calls them FFC's for short.

    Why not try them? Some have had success, so maybe your daughter will be helped by them too.

    Good luck!
  3. Exfa

    Exfa New Member

    The SSDisability Dr I saw here in Indiana told me about a fibromyalgia clinic in Marietta,Ga that is doing wonders for FM people. They use what is called an electraceutical machine. He said it is the only clinic in the country really helping people. He told me that you have to have a minimum of 12 treatments and then you are symptom free for at least a yr. Out of towners have to stay for 6 weeks to have the 12 treatments so that is way out for me financially. He also said the treatments are not covered by any insurance. I have no idea how much they cost and please forgive me I can't think of the name of the clinic.
    I believe if you look up electroceutical(like pharmaceutical) the name of the clinic comes up. If I run across the name of the clinic some other time I will send you another message. Exfa
  4. HurtsToMove

    HurtsToMove New Member

    More info about the Georgia clinic, copied and pasted. To find them, google "electroceutical" and "fibromyalgia" and they are the first hit.

    "The world's most successful clinic for the treatment of fibromyalgia."

    The staff of ProCare Medical Group has been dedicated to the alleviation of pain for over 25 years. We strive to make available the latest technology for pain management, yet maintain a patient-centered approach based on healing relationships responsive to individual patient needs and values.

    ProCare Medical Group appreciates that until now there has been no effective medical treatment for fibromyalgia. Medications are prescribed for the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. They are nonspecific and of limited help. Some are addicting and further complicate the underlying condition.

    Patients are unsatisfied with the current treatments and most have consulted a number of specialists and tried numerous therapies. The popular literature abounds with new breakthroughs, discoveries and protocols for fibromyalgia: nutritional supplements, guafenasin, herbs, acupuncture, group therapy, cognitive therapy, exercise, chiropractic, educational courses -just to name some of the alternative approaches, have all been equally disappointing. Studies show that individually and in combination these forms of therapy reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia no better than placebos.

    Patients are frustrated by the fact that those without fibromyalgia are unable to appreciate the debilitating nature of the illness. "They don't understand how much I hurt." "They think it's all in my head." "I just don't have the energy." It seems that fibromyalgia is just something you have to learn to live with.

    Electroceutical stimulation therapy has been used in the United States for 35 years to relieve pain and to hasten healing. We have incorporated the latest computer-driven electroceutical medicine systems into pain management plans, significantly accelerating recovery and decreasing pain without the use of needles and, in many cases, with reduced need for oral medications. When we initially applied electroceutical stimulation to a patient with fibromyalgia, we were very skeptical, expecting limited benefit; however, the response was incredible. We thought it was a fluke. Pain decreased, energy levels improved, tenderness lessened and the duration and quality of sleep improved. These results were repeated again and again. Since then we have developed, and continue to develop more effective treatment programs and protocols. In general, we have found 12 treatments over 6 weeks to significantly reduce or eliminate the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Most patients feel better during the first treatment. With subsequent treatments, the amount of relief and the duration of relief increase progressively. By the third treatment, it is blatantly obvious to the patient that there is significant and prolonged improvement. Having any experience at all with the fibromyalgia syndrome, it seems impossible that over 80% of the fibromyalgia patients should respond to our electroceutical treatment protocols. Treatment after the sixth week is on an as needed schedule. Maintenance therapy has not been found to be routinely necessary.

    The initial evaluation is felt to be important not only to obtain a thorough history and perform a physical examination, but also to establish a basis for understanding of the fibromyalgia syndrome, the past and present treatments, the use of medications, effects of electroceutical medical therapy and treatment goals. We are very interested in what the patient has to say. It is this first-hand description of the disease and its individual manifestations that has provided the foundations of our understanding and appreciation of fibromyalgia. It is the patient's feedback that determines our course of treatment. And it is the patient's satisfaction that provides our referrals.

    We do not routinely discontinue medications previously prescribed to patients for treatment of fibromyalgia. Although our goal is to eliminate all medications, we discontinue medications when they are no longer necessary. We prescribe medications when appropriate, but always with the intention that these are for a circumscribed period of time. Our patients consistently express the desire to be rid of the need for medications and we certainly make every attempt to accomplish this.

    The success that we have achieved with computer-driven electroceutical medical therapy for the treatment of fibromyalgia has resulted in the development of the ProCare Fibromyalgia Clinic, a unique part of our pain management center. It is our privilege to offer effective treatment for a condition heretofore untreatable.

  5. elliespad

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    I just read every bit of their website. They make quite the claim. Several GLOWING testimonials. All stated they had Fibro, none with CFIDS, although one said she had Chronic Fatigue, which who knows, if she meant CFIDS. Has anyone been to this clinic? Anyone know the cost? Anyone? Anyone?
  6. spiritsky

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    I have/had CFIDS and went to the FFC in Torrence. They got me back on my feet again and back to work with 3 months. Now I consider myself after 1 year fully recovered/cured whatever you want to call it. BUT, the FFC while they helped me get started, they did not do everything for me. They really only helped me with hormone imbalances, but that was enough to get me back to work. After that, I worked through my own sleep issues, mineral imbalances and now am completely off any medications/hormones and take only Herbs and watch my minerals and diet...So, yes FFC was great, I was desperate and had nowhere else to turn and they helped me. But they were not the final solution, and it will cost you a lot of money if you let them lead you. Do your homework and ask a lot of questions otherwise they will be happy to drain your bank account. But if you have lots of money and no worries in that area by all means go and see them...they will get you started.

  7. atlanta

    atlanta New Member

    I searched the FFC site and the info there was very helpful. I had no idea that so many people knew about these clinics. I do so hope that my daughter can find help there. Thank you.


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