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    Thanks for the replies so far. I found the most compassionate doctor in Houston about 9 years ago. Not sure if should give name but he is on the list of "Good Doctors" for fibromyalgia for Houston; the website e-mailed to me. He died a week ago and his office just tells me to call my PCP but one of the reasons why I found him was that my PCP would not give me anything higher than ibuprofin or neurontin.
    I have disabling migraines plus fibromyagia. I have been to many doctors--including neurologists and most told me to just go through the pain of a migraine without medicine and I would be free of them after that. I tried that as I could not get migraine medicine, even though one is effective (however, it is expensive so I had to fight the insurance company; though a generic has just been released for this migraine medicine so the cost is far less).
    I miss my pain doctor so much and am struggling to find another who will prescribe the medication I have been on. I had an appointment with him last week so I am out of medication. No titration down. I work full time so need help soon.
    I have tried TENs unit, chiropractors,lidocaine injections, nerve blocks (basically everything but botox injections) in doctors' efforts to "help me." More than one doctor told me that he had done everything he could do (everything but what would help me; I knew that one tripan med worked). My trust level in doctors is low. My pain doctor was an angel who never questioned my pain levels. He did not believe in suffering, there are no medals for suffering and "life is not for amateurs".
    My identical twin suffered with pain from fibro and migraines and gave me tremendous support. Unfortunately, she died from ovarian cancer last year.
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    I'm really sorry you lost your dr, and your sister :( i go to a Dr in Houston. all i can say good about her is she will give you Pain meds if your in pain.

    BUT, her office staff is really awful, and her patient load is so huge, they herd you in & out like cattle. Unfortunately shes all we have close to home.

    so you pretty much have to pin them down when you go, make a list of all your questions you have, cause if you leave that office you pretty much have to make another appt to get anything done.

    if your in a pinch, you may want to try her at least to stay on the meds your already on. until you find another Dr thats not so overloaded.

    im in that process now of finding another dr, but for now. she at least keeps my Pain under some sort of controll, and helps with my anxiety meds.
    you can e-mail me if you want her name, i don't know if i can give it to you on here
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