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    As a Fibromyalgia sufferer myself, I've been constantly confronted by the profound yet often invisible effect the disease/condition has had on me. I will be shooting a very short documentary exploring issues of visible and non-visible "diabilities" and diseases. The film is a student project and is part of my effort to bring awareness to various forms of debilitating yet non-visible illnesses. Anyone living in the East Bay/SF area in Northern Calfornia are welcome, as your contribution will benefit those others inflicted with the same problem. Please contact me via e-mail at Thank you.
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    Hi Ohm,

    I'm in the right neck of the woods, but as Sunny said, we tend to be a bit skeptical around here of first time posters. LOTS of people drop things like this on the board, but are really seeking to satisfy some need of theirs, without consideration to others here, and often don't return for a 2nd posting. I'm NOT saying that is what you are doing, only that MORE information will probably reap you better results.

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    you meant to write disabilities, not diabilities. Doesn't make you sound too sharp. Very leary of you. dolsgirl
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    Hi tobynbowmn

    Cute kitty names. Sorry, I'm not familiar with the East Bay, really. I'm in the North coast area of the (overall) Bay area. I use Kaiser here and have been pleased with FMS attention/treatments, but I understand others' experiences with Kaiser haven't been so good.

    Sorry I can't be of more help. Where are you moving from? I read, in another of your posts that your daughter lives in the Davis area. I take it you're not from there?

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