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    well i went to the doctor and it went just as i expected. he refused to give me any rescu medications. he will not give me any pills to help me he says there is to much abuse of pres. drugs in our area and he dont feal safe. when i asked him what he ment, was shocked. i discovered that there are people in my are that take pills, my hydrodone to be very specific, and crush and snort them up their nose. i was shocked to hear this. i cannot help but think how stupid this is. i think this is why it is so hard to get these medications. then i found my ex-husbands nephew is doing this. my x told me this today. he gets them due to a leg injury.. he has 260 pills a month and snorts them... and we are in pain with our fibro and have to fight toth and nail..

    i am going to try and set up a support group here in maine for people in north anson maine. i have a room in a church that i can use. i will ask for donations to cover some of the cost, making flyers and stuff.

    i found out today that some times it can be almost a 3 month wait to see the pain doctor in this area. my doctor said that they can put me on rescu meds. if they feal that it is a good idea. if any one here is from maine and in somerset county, the pain clinic is at redigton fairview hospital in the clinic. all you do is call the hospital and ask for the pain clinic. then your doctor must write them a referal letter. the other way is your doc can just do the work for you. actualy they may be able to get you in sooner.

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    and the has been working for me...i am so glad i started them in the middle of april...made a difference for me..not pain free..but i am on a upswing...helps w/anxiety as well..

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    no there is nothing that he is comfortable giving. i did find out that he can not prescribe the stronger meds. i am going to try and get into the med clinic sooner. thank you for your responce