Seen new rheumy......he seems so disinterested

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  1. Chelz

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    Hi everyone, I had just seen a new rheumy today. This doctor has been a rheumatologist for many years, so I thought that maybe I would have better luck with him.

    Well, the appointment wasn't a disaster, but he seemed just so uninterested in my FM. First of all, the appointment girl made a mistate and she was supposed to schedule me for an "initial visit" which is supposed to be an entire hour.

    The nurse came into the room and explained that the doctor couldn't see me for the entire hour because of a schedule mix up and that he only has 20 minutes for me. She was very nice and aplogized for it. I was in a fog and at the moment didn't care I suppose.

    Anway, the doctor came in and aplogized as well. I told him about my hip pain on both sides and he knew of my FM as well. I needed to know if this hip pain was related to a surgery that I had a few years ago, or if it's just the FM.

    He did examine me and told me my range of motion was very good and that he didn't think it has anything to do with my FM, just muscle soreness. He recommended some exercises for me and because I have taken Aleve before, and it will work somewhat, he decided to give me Anaprox DS. The problem is, the dose is very high, two tablets a day at 550 milligrams per tablet. I usualy take liquid Aleve at only 200 milligrams a day about two times a week. He feels the Anapox DS taken everyday at higher doses will cut out the inflammation that is causing me the pain.

    I told him I was very sensitive to medication and maybe the dose was too high, he seemed very disinterested in that statement. He also did not ask me about my sleep, fatigue, fibro fog, or anything. He was pleasant enough, but he just seemed disinterested in the issues dealing with FM. All he told me was that I should take the Anaprox DS everyday for the next two months, in conjunction with the exercises and if I'm not better by then, he would want to see me again. When I asked him about side effects of the drug, again he was kind of disinterested in telling me anything.

    They always say to "ask your doctor questions" but when you do, they just act like you are taking up their time or something. I laugh when they advise to take a "list" of concerns and questions, are they kidding, some of these docs just don't care enough and you feel uncomfortable asking. How many rheumy's does one have to go thru to feel like any of them care? I'm just tired of it by now. I don't expect them to shoot the breeze with me for an entire hour, but show some interest, wouldn't that be fair? Hugs, Chelz.
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    As have many others with our illnesses, is that rheumys aren't usually the best docs to see. They deal in issues of the joints and not soft and connective tissues. It can be very difficult to find docs knowledgable about our illnesses. Have you checked the "Good Doc" list? If there isn't a doc near you, you can post here and ask if anyone sees a good doc in your area. Just put the area in the title of the post.

    I went to a discussion at our local hospital on FMS and one of the docs seemed very knowledgable. He's a physiatrist, a physical doctor of sports medicine. For years, he was seeing patients with our symptoms so he decided to learn all he could. He continues to learn and work with his patients. Together, we worked out a regimen which really helped me.

    One thing I think is vital is to do one's own research and print out papers by respected experts to take to the doc. That is how my doc and I learned about many of the treatments which helped me. When he finds something that helps one patient, he tries it with others. Nothing works all the time for everyone but often things do work for others and as time goes by, the whole patient population gets better.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  3. luigi21

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    hi, yes some rheumatologist adorn this attitude because the treatment for fibro is at best minimal, until we find out the cause all they really do is swap and change your meds around, some rheumatologist are even hostile at the idea of having FM patients as they believe its a neurologists area of work, that said i am a persistant person when it comes to questions, i sit firm until there answered i mean after all you wait so long for an appointment. Ive even asked for a second opinion before. I asked to attend a sleep clinic to rule out there being any underlying disorder and he granted me this, unfortunately the sleep clinic is situated right next to Big Ben and so needless to say it kept me awake chimming every 15 minutes and striking on the hour! After suffering for so many years unless they answer my questions they'd have to get security to escort me out the building, sometimes suggestions just don't come to there minds so if you want something ask for it, you have nothing to lose. I too suffer hip pain, i have a tilted pelvis, sometimes my hips feel like there coming out of joint i believe mine is greatly due to FM, but i did invest in a sacroliac belt to help my pelvis a little as suggested by my physio. All the best.
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    It is key to find a Rheumy that 'treats' Fibro. Many diagnose and that's about it. I lucked out and found a great one, who is very knowledgable, asks me tons of questions each visit, tells me about things I could try, has tried me on several different things, knows about upcoming trials on meds etc.

    Not all rheumatologists are the same. Find one that treats. The one who diagnosed me didn't treat. The office was good about telling me upfront. At that time I just needed a diagnosis confirmed. He had great bedside manner and I wished he treated! He did recommend a plan.

    I went back to my reg. Dr. at that time and she treated me. She just prescribed my meds and not much else - rarely any conversation and admitted she didnt know THAT much about it. She agreed to follow the treatment guidelines of the rheumy I now have (who is an hour's drive), but I choose to go to him because of his knowledge (and interest).

    My current Rheumy has all sorts of stuff about Fibro in his office. I love it. He has bulletins about Fibro support groups, "just diagnosed?" etc.

    The downside is the drive - but I'll do it in exchange for what I get from him.
    Don't give up on a rheumatologist. Some can be very good at treating Fibro!

    ANY Dr. that knows a lot about it, has an interest is good!

    Good Luck!


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