Seizure activity/seizure meds

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    Has anyone diagnosed with FM/CFS had an abnormal EEG with virually no actual seizures but still taking seizure meds. via a neurologist? I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder after having a ? seizure when i was 17 years old. EEG showed seizure activity but i have not had any seizures since, 25 or more years. I have been on dilantin and recently changed to Keppra due to side effects of Dilantin. Seem to be doing good so far on Keppra but was wondering can the seizure activity be related at all to FM/CFS?
    Thanx Debbie
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    Which produces insomnia, sensory overload, anxiety, and muscle spasms like RLS.

    Many of us take antiseizure meds to control these symptoms. I take Klonopin and it has been a God send to me. There is a good article by Dr. Paul Cheney on Klonopin in our library which does an excellent job of explaining this. Do a search in the library on Klonopin and it will come up in the list.

    Love, Mikie