seizures on neurontin???

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    Hi, I started neurontin last month. Its been around a month. After two weeks I started to notice I would get these weird "jolts" at night, right before falling asleep. I thought they were those weird startle things you get when you dream you are falling. Anyone get those where you startle yourself awake before you hit the ground?

    Anyway, I've notice its starting to escalate. The last two nights have been worse each night. Last night was terrible! I was jolted awake with my body becoming ridged and stiff for up to 15 seconds. My stomach seemed to come upinto my chest. All night long. They are becoming longer and more frequent!!! I checked on the web & they mentioned convultions as an rare side effect.

    I emailed my MD & called his office & left a message. N response, or called back though. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This is one of those drugs that I just don't like but it's because my daughter had such a rough time on it.

    Why did your doctor put you on this medication, was it for pain? Nerve damage?

    My daughter is very sensitive to medications and had hallucinations on this drug, both auditory and visual. Something she really didn't need to go through and it made our lives really rough for awhile.

    Hopefully your doctor will call today with more information for you.

    In the meantime, maybe you can do a search online about weaning from this medication.


    Nancy B.
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    Thank you for responding so quickly Nancy. I'm on it for Fibro. I was on noratriplyline, but it put 40 lbs on me and was not stopping there. The neurontin had been working pretty well. I got on line this a.m. as soon as I realized it might be the neurontin and found convulsions/seizures were a rare side effect. Along with anger!!! THAT, I don't need!!! I have an appointment tomorrow. I'll see how it goes tonight. I'm driving 1000 miles next week & already have enough going on. How is your Daughter? HAs she found something that works better for her?

    Thanks again
  4. hugs4evry1

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    We're trying....but we're also in another med change and this one isn't going well either.

    It's rough, but we'll deal with it. She has a lot of mental problems and her Fibro is on the bottom of the list right now.

    Did the doc say how this med would help your fibro????

    Honestly, I've been finding things that work for me since I've been in this flare for over 2 years and most of them are natural solutions.

    It sounds trite, I know. But it's working.

    My muscle pain is almost non-existant because I started a balanced magnesium/calcium/zinc supplement last year. It helps with fibro fog too. That helps a lot. And we're all deficient in this mineral, all of us.

    My energy levels have increased since I started eating fruits for breakfast, have cut down to a minimum the processed chemical foods that we as Americans think really are foods when they're not.

    I've dropped as many chemicals out of my day as I can which means no diet sodas or foods, no aspartame products, I'm getting ready to even switch to a natural toothpaste because I've read research that states that flouride is a poison. (Very reliable source)

    My IBS-D which has always been severe has been helped immensely by taking Probiotics that they sell here at Pro Health. (Even though docs have prescribed meds for years that didn't work, I've even been able to cut my daily 4 Immodiums down to 3 now)

    So......long story shorter, I'm beginning to think that doctors don't know what to do for us so they give us prescriptions. Often, these meds are more dangerous to us than the original complaint.

    Then they give us drugs that are meant for other uses and the cycle continues.

    I think our bodies are starving for nutrition and we need to feed them real foods. Sounds amazingly too simple yet it really does work with time.


    Nancy B
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    Hi Nancy. I think you've found an amazingly good plan. You make more sense then most of the MD's I've heard from. What you are saying about natural foods is really important. When I can't afford all natural foods I try to at least buy natural / organic fruits and veggies and suppliments. As soon as my living situation settles down, I'm looking forward to getting in to an alternative health routine that fits my needs alot better than all these drugs.

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    2 years ago, I was diagnosed with cuppel tunnel in both hands, wrists (terrible in right) - (Dr. says I need operation immediately, if not I am ruining something else major - I don't remember what). Also, around that time I was experienceing seizures. So terrible, ex. when I would go out to eat, my face would actually fall in my food. I know sounds funny, but I don't remember. Once was with my Mother, I would go into this state of mind that I thought I was the strongest person on earth. I would wake up and start lifting stuff, packing really heavy bags and coolers and tell my boyfriend, at the time, come on, we are going to the beach. He would start grabbing things out of my hands and things I was carrying and try to calm me down. I was indispensible. CRAZY!!

    Nurologist tested for seizures and was positive. I've been on 900 mg. of Neurontin, at bedtime, for over two years now and doing good.