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  1. amberlin

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    does your cfs cause convulsion like seizures?
  2. findmind

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    amberlin, what are your "seizures" like? Are they severe jerking, especially while you are lying down, or true epileptic ones, where you are in full body spasms that last a while, leaveing you limp and tired?

    If they are jerking, they may be "myoclonus", which can be caused by many antidepressants. I had them thru 4 different ones, and only when I stopped the ADs, did my jerking go away forever.

  3. star273

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    Are you consious when you have them or do you go totally out? Can you speak thru them? Are they painful? I have had them where I am consious and I can talk, but they hurt like H**L. Its a muscle spasm thing. I have had EEG and MRI's.... let me know what you have and I will explain more...

    Good luck.
  4. DeborahLynn

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    I have ME/CFS and FMS... I have been diagnosed with Complex Partial Seizures and Simple Partial seizures. I remain conscious, but I go totally limp, and sometimes cannot speak because I am so weak. I lose all muscle strength. I am very, very dizzy. I have muscle twitches, and with the more severe seizures, I have convulsions and hard muscle contractions. The seizures usually last for up to 3 minutes.

    Afterwards, I am very, very weak. It takes days to recover sometimes (back to the pre-seizure state of health).

    I have had success with treating the seizures by eating an 85% raw diet. It took some getting used to at first, but I do better on the raw diet - the seizures are greatly reduced.

    I would like to hear from any of you who have ME/CFS, and have trouble with the symptoms I experienced. God Bless!

  5. jole

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    Mine are different from the ones posted. The doc said they are mild, and caused from the FM/CFS. It's more from the lights, over-stimulation, etc. While driving/riding in a car, the lights will have a kalidescope effect, swirling around to the point that I can't tell a stop light from the business or restaurant sign lights along the sides of the highway. It's the most fearsome and frightening thing...all the swirling colors in my head! I can hear, but only see colors swirling.

    This can also happen to me in stores like WalMart, which is where I first noticed it. At that time I thought it was simply more of a panic/anxiety attack. But no, I had to quit driving because of going into the ditch twice, and losing control of my car once in the middle of the highway. At any rate, mine are not the 'normal' seizures, but more prone to the FM over-stimulation.