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    Im Amy and Im 17

    And I have seizures Started having them almost 2 years ago Im on meds for the rest of my life and Im always tired and I always get the feeling Im gonna have a seizure but gose away after alittle while I have had a couple MRIs Cat scans and EEGS done Im scared Im gonna have one when no one Is around I cant drive and I really want too most of my friends can and It sucks that I cant I feel like crying most days

    I Just need people to talk to and support me though this my parents dont no what Im going though they dont no how It feels and nither do my friends

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    Hi, sorry about your suffering. It really becomes difficult over a long period of time, but never give up trying. The most unlikely medications taken in combinations can cause seizures. You might want to go to your pharmacist with a whole list of all meds (in case you get some from another store) and ask them to run them through their computer software looking for any negative side effects. My pharmacist actually called me up a few weeks after I got a new med (paxil) that his program said would cause seizures when taken with one of the pain pills. I was actually feeling them coming on and was so glas he called. Good Luck.
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    It may seem like a tough road to haul, but try not to get frustrated. Your parents are probably scared of the same things that you are. Epilepsy is a scary disease and I hope with your doctor's help you find a regimen that works for your body.

    You may want to search pubmed (.com) which allows you to search different scientific and medical journals. There is a connection they are finding that the mineral manganese is deficient in many who suffer with epilepsy and other involuntary movement challenges. You may want to search this by typing " epilepsy manganese " into their search engine.

    Don't give up. Hopefully, in time there will be a greater understanding of how our bodies work and why so many of us struggle with different health challenges. So stay on the sunny side and be strong. Best wishes... God Bless.