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    I just wanted to ask your opinion about something that I just experienced.

    I won an auction on 07/02/07 and paid immediately with PayPal. On 07/16/07 I sent an email to the seller asking if the product had been shipped. If not, when would it be and if it has, when was is shipped so I get an idea when to expect it.

    No response.

    Shipping was a flat $3. Actual shipping was $1.47.

    Package shows it was shipped on 07/13/07. I received it 07/18/07. I'm not questioning the time from shipped to receive. I am just aggreviated that there was such a delay in shipping, lack of communication and overcharging of shipping cost.

    I left positive feed back that just said Thanks. But the new feedback has a place to rate the seller. I gave her all bad marks.

    I want to send her an email complaining but he/she hasn't left feedback for me so I don't want he/she to be nasty. I have 100% positive feedback.

    As a seller, do you if there is anything I can do to complain to eBay about this person?

    The money is not the issue. It's that lack of service and response that has me mad.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Thanks for responding, I guess I was just venting. The item I purchased was $5 so it's not a big deal. There is nothing wrong with the item. I don't think I'll do anything else. Just chalk it up to learning.

    I have bought for 7 yrs, this was not a new seller. Maybe she was having a bad day. Maybe I'm too critical today.

    Whenever I pay with paypal, I usually get a note from the seller saying when they are shipping out. When I pay by m/o (which is rare), I always send them a note saying I put payment in the mail. I don't usually hear from them back.

    All in all, I am never disappointed with Ebay. And time for me to let this go. Not a big deal, just whining!

    budmickl (aka happyinmo)
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    If you were the seller, I wouldn't have had any issues. And I would have known where to find you! LOL!!

    I haven't looked at any of your items lately. I had lots of Longerberer baskets that I had packed away. My daughter has them now.

    Yes, I can be fiesty when I get my dander up. But I learned to to keep it in check!

    Happy selling!