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    My goodness.......I was thinking that it was found out to be okay before this lasering. I somehow thought you had posted that. Maybe it was the menses and I confused it.

    Yes, I've heard good on Lasering. Also with no reoccuring incidents. Just make sure you get regular tests and all.

    Your Dr. sounds perfect and on top of things. You are lucky to have her.

    Tomorrow I get stitches, staples and drains out! I dread the removal, it has gotten very sore with the healing, But I can SHOWER then. My DH had been washing my hair over the kitchen sink and at first he sponge bathed me and I have been doing it also. I step into the bath tub and wash my feet and legs. YUK. I sometimes take two showers a day so I feel dirty.

    Sending more prayers, I never stopped! JMQ and you have been wonderful. Thanks,,,,,,Blessings......Susan

    s-elaine......I just saw a posting from Doxy that you told of what was found my your Dr. I never saw that one before. I guess that is another reason I was not up to date with you.
    Sure glad I was praying even though! LOL. I have missed many postings. Wish you the best........Susan
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