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    Just wanted to tell you that My daughter loved her Bath and Body set! The Green Tea one!,,,,,,,When she opened it she said "Oh Mom I Love this it's just what i needed!" ,,,,,Thought you might want to hear That!

    Plus i got her some pearl and silver stud earrings and a kool Candle!,,,,I was in the kitchen all day Making her favorite soup,,and Biscuts and a Chocolate Cake,,Went over Good!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    They (Kym & Will ) Made it home last night about 5:30! Was soo glad to see them! We celebrated her 21 st Birthday early,,,No Booze,,,,,Darn!lolol ,,,,,,,,,,Were all Headin' up to see my Dad today so talk to you later! Hope you have a great day!,,,,Sis
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    Made it home last night and checked out the mailbox and there it was! The Pkg! Thanks alot!,,,,,,,It's Neat! love the Candle Holder and the candle and the soap and Basket and towel (Beautiful!)

    Kym Drove yesterday so that means we went 80-85 all the way! Lolol! sure got there sooner,,,,,,,,,lol,,,,,,My Dad was so glad to see the Kids!

    I took us all out for lunch (more Fun!) Today i can barley move but yesterday was a Blast!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Have a Cookie order to fill tonight or tommorow,,,,,,,Hope your havin' a Great day!