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    I was reading u sell stuff on ebay I have some things I wanna sell but I was leary about payin a list price and things not selling I have some feng shui candles I made everyone thinks they r pretty I also was gonna make a lil pamplet/book to go along with it

    but then I got a feng shui book for christmas and found out that what I have been learning online is feng shui for us people in the us who want things compact and simple so now I think what I have learned is not real feng shui and real feng shui is confusing but there are diff schools so I dunno gotta do more research sorry ramblin

    but anyhow pretty candles some home made scrap book cards and some old tins

    what kind of things do u sell
  2. mylilcherub428

    mylilcherub428 New Member

    Thank you so much my bfs mom makes welcome plaqs those have not sold well her sister is doin cookies and that is goin well
    I need a digital camera. Thanx-KIm

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