Selective diagnosing by docs: what do you think?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nancyw, Apr 24, 2003.

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    Hi all! I just have one question: why is depression diagnosed so often and it has NO DEFINITE TEST for it either? They give this diagnosis out to everyone who cries in their office and they are extremely willing to write LOTS of prescriptions for it. Why is depression recognized by what seems like every doctor, but these same doctors don't recognize fibro/CFS? Is it because they can give us medication that doesn't really take effect for almost 6 weeks and don't have to worry about us until then? It seems to me that most doctors have "selective" diagnosis of conditions or syndromes? Anybody else agree?
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    Hi Nancy,

    I think you are right and have a good point!..doctors know they can write a prescription to help a patient with depression but unfortunately for us their is no magic pill....They probably don't even know where to begin with us as patients because their are so many things this illness effects in our bodies...We almost have to be our own doctors and researchers to keep striving to find new things to help us and bring things to their attention...

    What helps me is writing down questions and things i want to disscuss for the doctor before my visit and constantly giving them articles and information...they probably get sick of it but i don't care! I even have a little notebook that fits in my purse with dividers for each helps, then my questions are right there and i don't leave the appointment until they are answered!

    Hope this helps,
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    You might have a point there.If they can blame it on something they can give you a pill for they don't have to trial and error our meds.The way they all want to give out heavy anti-depressants,I wonder if they get points for giving it.LOL Of course the heavy anti-depressants are advertised a lot on T.V. too.Maybe it's just the in thing right now.LOLOL (((()))) bejo
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    Don't let that doc be lazy. Insist on a pysch consult and when you see the consult, insist on taking the Beck Depression Inventory test and the MMPI test.
    I think anytime some docs see a middle-aged female with hard to pin down symptoms, they trot out the depression diagnosis. you have the right to make sure that is what you really have before subjecting yourself to drugs, which always have risks and side-effects.