Selective Fibrofog?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrodoll, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. fibrodoll

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    Does anyone feel that thier fibrofog only effects certain parts of thier brains?

    I find that during conversations, I often stutter and stumble trying to find the right words. I have to stop to refocus my brain, then continue. I sometimes think one thing but say a totally different sentence. Example: One day I told my son to defrost the freezer but had meant to say defragment the computer.

    But when at work I have a list of things I tell myself need to be done, I some how manage to remember it all, even when being constantly interrupted. My coworkers say it amazes them that I remember all these things, it absolutely floors me!

    I worry that I will suddenly lose it all and become a babbling idiot. That is really scary. Bye for now, Valley.
  2. abjessop

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    Hi Valley,
    That really does sound familiar. For me, the logic goes, and the very short term memory, but not longer term memory. And I have lots of spoonerisms, misplacing consonants in words. Add that to losing my place in a n argument constantly and well.

    My husband claims that lots of people don't understand how I talk, and are just too polite to say it, but I think he's not trying hard enough to get it. I surprisingly dont' see too many looks ofincomprehension when I talk, though its definitely safer to use short sentances!

    Being well rested (i.e. after 3 months off work) my brain fog cleared almost completely - until the insomnia returned, at least.

    Good luck,
  3. bejo

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    Boy I sure do say things wrong.but typing is even worse.I think that's because I not only have to get the right words but the right spelling.I have found,if I try "really realy" hard I can remember things a little better.I think it all comes back to not being able to concentrate when in a fog.Maybe being at work helps you focus on work,but being at home you have a lot of unrelated things to think about which makes it hard to focus on one thing.When you're trying to concentrate,do you have the feeling that your mind is bouncing around in your head and it won't stop long enough to concentrate? LOL That sounds stupid but if you have the same thing happen you'll know what I mean. LOLOL bejo
  4. missengland

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    Trouble finding words is one of my problems, I ordered 'Coke' yesterday which made my kids all laugh and re-order for me. I wanted coffee, I never drink Coke. If someone asks a question that requires a bit of recall (but something I should know) such as 'what is your son's birthdate?' I will sometimes have a near panic-attack as I try to recall the date. I have to take my husband to doctor appointments because so often I can't find words. Doctors tend to use that as a cue to treat me as a little 'nobody' and take on the all powerful, 'I'm the boss' role. I'd like to be treated with respect in a doctor's office but it doesn't happen that way when I fumble for words and then show frustration - and tears. The doctors usually diagnose depression no matter what I'm there for. When my husband is there though, I don't feel 'victimised' by doctors. Trouble finding words is only one of the many problems I deal with but may be a large part of why I tend to isolate myself from friends, it's rather embarassing. I do feel like that 'babbling idiot' that you describe, Valley. It's not a nice problem to deal with.