Selenium: The Missing Link in treating HypoT

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    I've been doing many years of thyroid research MAINLY for helping myself and then sharing what I've learned....I've been a member of a great thyroid group which is now closed due to funds, but still am on another group run by

    I've learned so much and NOT from MD's...believe me. And especially conventional MD's.... On the former board here, we had a thyroid section but it was not very busy, so one needs to go elsewhere if they want to help themselves with this HypoT issue and I'm convinced MANY are mis-dx'd and not treated and not treated properly. I sure wasn't for 10 long years.....

    Here is one missing link and also many are challenged with Hashimoto's disease and don't know it often as I'd bet most MD's don't test that area's the TPO test on our labs. An integrative MD tested my TPO blood back in 2000 or so and when I asked him what that meant he said "hashimotos'" and dismissed's not to be dismissed... docs are so rushed when we see them, back then my doc then watched the clock and I even commented on that, it was 30 minutes I'm hearing 10 min or even less...I still get about 30 min with my integrative MD and her PA's...

    We have to do so much of our own work.

    Several research studies have demonstrated the benefits of selenium
    supplementation in treating autoimmune thyroid conditions. One study found that
    selenium ...