Self doubt..Bigtime

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by NashCag, Aug 9, 2006.

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    Yesterday I went to my Doctor's, I had some more blood tests done, just to see what would happen. But I'm not anemic, I don't have hypothyroidism, and my cholesterol is great. Those test results didn't surprise me, but I did agree to try an antidepressant. And for the first time,
    in the 8 years I've had cfs, I doubted myself. I thought,
    what if I really am crazy? what if all of this is actually in my head? what would that mean..
    I mean could I have imagined the nausea, the dizziness, vertigo, headaches..well you know..all the dozens of weird and unexplainable symptoms. Could I actually be causing the
    disabling fatigue? Body pain, sore throats ect.
    Why all of a sudden am I filled with all of this doubt?
    Maybe it's how he looks at me, with a look of concern and pity. I think I felt ashamed. But why now?
    Maybe it's because my Mom is terminally ill, and I should be able to snap out of this and be a better caregiver.
    I just don't know.

    Talk to me friends, I feel..scared.
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    We can't think straight when we are in pain/depressed. Maybe it would be nice if it were all in our heada. Then there might be some cure.

  3. NashCag

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    We actually just signed up for hospice. Hospice is nothing like what I thought it was, it is 100 times better. They do anything they can to help the patient, and the caregiver as well. They are the nicest people.
    And actually, I posted a message here "I guess I just need to be heard" and everyone responded with such good advice, some of it about getting help, and it got me really thinking about it.

    I always get good advice from everyone here, I think you all help me keep my head on straight. It's so nice to have a place to go where you can let your guard down, and talk about what you're afraid of, and know you won't be judged.

    Thanks to All