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    To all who might be interested:

    I have tried switching to cod liver oil instead of the flax oil (that I have been taking). I found that the pain and stifness in my legs increased; in addition, my sleep got worse. When I switched back to flax the pain and stiffness in my legs reduced and I slept better. It should be noted that I am not just taking flax, I'm taking a combination. The combo is called "Udo's Choice." It is a product of the company called Flora. Udo's Choice is a combination of flax, evening primrose, sesame oil, and a few others I've already forgotten. It is an excellent combination for many ailments, CFIDS is just one ailment that responds.

    In addition, there is an excellent couple of articles about olive oil in a health magazine. I have forgotten the name of it but it has a picture of Jorja Fox, from the tv show CSI, on the cover. I'll recheck and get back on this one. For now, suffice it to say that you can't trust the label when it says its virgin or extra virgin. As if that's not enough, they even add hazelnut oil and say it's pure olive oil. You have to go to a store that imports the stuff and buy the name brand stuff; the oil that comes from a grocery is dummied up.

    That's it for now. Mark
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    As I cannot have botanicals. I am so glad this new combo is helping you. Like the tin man, we need to keep oiled :)

    Love, Mikie
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    dipped in motor oil! I didn't know they dummied up olive oil. Those swine!I've been using nothing but olive oil for years. Now where am I going to get it? We don't have specialty shops that carry it. I'm pissed now.
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    The magazine is called "Better Nutrition;" it is the current issue. I was not exactly surprised when I read about the olive oil; I just plain suspected dirty work afoot from the get-go. A lot of the weasels in business admn only care about selling product and not quality. The taste is the same with the dummied up stuff but you don't get the health benefits of pure olive oil. Even if the oil is pure, if it has been processed it has lost its health benefits. It has to be raw pressed to be any good.

    In defense of the businesses who are interested in quality ... Look for a black sillohoute(sp?) of a rooster on the label of olive oil. That, according to the article, is a real honest-to-goodness quality oil product. The same sillohoute will be embossed into the glass container itself. The other alternative, as I said before, is to find something like an international grocery that imports the stuff direct. In Fort Wayne, IN, you can go to Georgie's International Grocery; they have the best Greek, Italian, and Spanish olive oils available (those do not have the rooster but they are still excellent quality products). I don't know about the Health Food Shoppe, in F.W., but I assume that they have good quality stuff too.

    Best of health to you, Mark