Self hypnosis is working for my pain

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    I just wanted to share a relatively new CD that I am using to teach myself self-hypnosis. Ever since I got a herniated disk two years ago I’ve had pain from bad to worse every day. Chiropractic helped with emergency care but I am still left with every day stiffness and pain.

    I found this psychotherapist in Pennsylvania and she had a compact disc where she actually teaches you how to numb parts of your body where there is pain, relax and sleep well and how to take control when really bad pain hits.

    Anyhow, I thought some of you might like to know about it. I got it from her directly but she also has it on her web site at

    I even had high blood pressure last year and now that’s gone from practicing to relax.

    Good luck.

    Susan Allen

    Mikie -- Thanks so much for the note. Sorry about that. Hope this is ok.[This Message was Edited on 06/11/2003]
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    We are not allowed to post URL's here but you may give the name of the website, just not the whole URL. If you either edit your post or post again under this thread with just the name of the website, it will be fine.

    Love, Mikie