Self hypnosis is working for my pain

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  1. susanallen

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    I just wanted to share a relatively new CD that I am using to teach myself self-hypnosis. Ever since I got a herniated disk two years ago I’ve had pain from bad to worse every day. Chiropractic helped with emergency care but I am still left with every day stiffness and pain.

    I found this psychotherapist in Pennsylvania and she had a compact disc where she actually teaches you how to numb parts of your body where there is pain, relax and sleep well and how to take control when really bad pain hits.

    Anyhow, I thought some of you might like to know about it. I got it from her directly but she also has it on her web site at

    I even had high blood pressure last year and now that’s gone from practicing to relax.

    Good luck.

    Susan Allen
  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    My therapist worked with me to learn how to remember what it is like to be a healthy person. If we are sick over a long period of time, gradually, we become what we have and forget how to be well. It's some of the best therapy I have had.

    I have been able to control my pain sometimes by saying out loud, "Pain, go away; I know you are not real." Sometimes it has worked and sometimes it hasn't, but it's worked more often than not. I think if I really don't believe there is pain, it helps to disrupt the pain signals in the brain.

    Love, Mikie
  3. susanallen

    susanallen New Member

    Mikie: Yes, I've done that where I just don't believe it and don't focus and it can help. The hypnotherapy has really helped me with when I get anxious with pain or something else. Because I do the CD each night, it helps me pracitce so when I get stressed or a flash of pain in the middle of the day, I can do something other than feel like being a ball in the corner of my office.

  4. Jen F

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    and I might try the self-hypnosis.


  5. zggygirl

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    I've also heard good/amazing results with hypnosis. I would like to try it.
    I've bought a couple visualization tapes-one for sleep the other for pain. The sleep one kept me awake. the one for pain works good. You are supposed to be in a bathtub while listening to it and imagine being in a hot tub in nature.
    the only problem I have with it is the womans voice!
    Her voice is so unusual sounding it is hard for me not to focus on that!
    I tried another for pain-again visualization and the narrators "style" bothered me. Lots of music and this rhythm that is supposed to be soothing but I found distracting. I guess I am picky.
    Any thoughts about the style of the one you are trying. Can you describe it at all?
    Thank you,
  6. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    When people learn to use biofeedback effectively it is considered self-hypnosis. I think it is great. I know some people get so profient at hypnosis that they can have certain surgeries with it.

    Lynda B.
  7. susanallen

    susanallen New Member

    I, too, have lots of music, meditation and relaxation CD's. There's one by Mrs. Redfield that's very relaxing. But, my self hypnosis CD is different to just music -- to describe -- I find that the music is really just a soothing background and isn't the focus, the woman's voice is very reassuring and clear. You know how if you listen to guided imagery, it can be all about hearing their voice....that's not so with this one. The voice soothing enough that you find yourself doing the exercises naturally.

    Hope that helps.
  8. zggygirl

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    I used a guided imagery tape by someone names Redfield and I loved her voice. It was very soothing. I wonder if it is the same person. She did the Celestine Prophecy meditation tapes.
    Will have to check and see.
  9. susanallen

    susanallen New Member

    Yes, that's her...couldn't remember her last name. If you like her voice, you'll like the CD I use. I find them very similar.

  10. Kim

    Kim New Member

    Around 8 - 10 years ago before I got sick I was having lots of anxiety. I went to a therapist who hypnotized me and taught me how to use self-hypnosis for anxiety. It helped.
  11. Ellie

    Ellie New Member

    In order for my contract for oxycontin I had to go to pain management and learn bio feed back it works 90% of the time. I always say too bad I can't keep my mind in bio for ever. Ellie
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