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    I have only been here once or twice....Are we allowed to discuss self medicating??

    I will try to revise...I think I already have received the answer. I was talking about illegal drugs!...addiction![This Message was Edited on 07/28/2003]
    [This Message was Edited on 07/28/2003]

    Well, I tried using recreational drugs when I was only 14. I never had a true addiction. I was young (younger) and just experimenting with the wrong crowd. I had a rough time in high school and got myself into a lot of bad situations. My parents tried to straighten me out, but I just learned how to play the game. Pretending that everything is great, lead my parents to believe that it was. That was over 6 years ago They are paying my way through art school and now I am going into my senior year of colllege. But I am a true escapist, in everyway. After my accident and all that has happened to me since. And all the pain and recovery. It took many years to resurface. And it seems now that I am recovering from many things. Over a year ago I met the wrong guy and his wrong friends. I walked into a situation that I thought I had a handle on. This time I was surrounded daily by heavier drugs. Slowly my whole life again turned upside down. I was using on a regular basis. It destroyed my life and a year later I some how forced my self to come back down to reality and deal with it. I detoxed myself New Years day and went through hell for many months. Coming off and slipping back into the life of FM, without drugs. I was being strong for many months, but lately it comes around and I'll do some. It is by far the worst thing a person with FM should be doing, it tightens up the whole body and forces you to stay awake,amongst other things. It was another kind of hell.But when I look back to when I was using I didn't feel much pain. Am I the only one who is trying to escape ....maybe to the wrong place.[This Message was Edited on 07/28/2003]
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    Welcome to our board. If you are more specific in your titles, you will probably get more responses.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "self-medicating." Are you talking about taking supplements? Using natural remidies?

    This website is sponsored by a supplement company with the highest quality supplements designed especially for our needs.

    You are allowed to mention whatever you are using as long as it is not illegal and you are not selling something. Also, we are not allowed to post the URL's for other websites here.

    Love, Mikie
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    Big field there sweetpotato. Could you be more specific? dolsgirl
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    If you are referring to marijuana, there have been a couple of discussions on the subject since I've been coming here. Type in the message search box "cannibus", or "marijuana". It is illegal for most of us but if you're lucky enough to live in California or Canada, it's not (for medical use). So we should be able to discuss it. As for benefits - it's the only thing that helps me with the fatigue and, conversely, getting to sleep at night and I don't care if I'm "allowed" to have it or not! And it's not addicting, unless you consider NEEDING to feel better an addiction! Anything else will do you more harm than good in the long run.

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    I don't think you are talking about Pot. If you are doing what I think you are, you are right, it's the worst thing that you can do for your slef. It will cause you more Pain and Heartache, plus other Medical Problems down the road.

    Being young and having to face this FMS is terrible enough, but to use what you are using, is not the answer.

    Do you have a Doctor? Or someone you can talk to that can go with you to the Doctor, so that you can get some Legal help?

    When I was young, I Hurt so bad, but we didn't know what FMS was back then. I was put on Dexemyl(SP?) time release caps, to take with Plain Emprin, or Tylonel when it became availble. I felt just fine, lot's of energy, no pain and I could Party for ever, and then still go to work the next day. Guess where I worked, in a Pharmacy, so I had a lot of Doctor's to talk to, and most would give me a Rx for Daparisil's, or Edrisils, which they no longer make. These are what we use to call Speed Drug's, and I do believe that they helped my Pain, but what it did to me was Horrible,
    I weighed 98lb's at one point.

    I finally got off of them, just to end up doing street speed, lucky I didn't kill myself. What they are doing/making now, Will kill you, living in L.A. myself I think I know what you are talking about.

    If I am wrong, I am Sorry, but if Not, then Please, find a Doctor, or even a Nurse that you can talk to. I have seen it destroy the Life of someone I love, and she still lives in Denial.

    Good Luck to you, be Strong, your Young and You just maybe one of the Lucky ones, who will be treated with a Cure, later in your lifetime; but Not if your not around.
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    I'm a recovering alcoholic and have abused my share of drugs. I am very leery of the time in the future when I may need to use pain meds after surgery or something. Even after being sober over 8 years. I may have to find someone to keep the meds for me and only dole them out as prescribed (or, hopefully, less often).

    Since you have FM, you very well might need pain meds. If not now, then in the future. Maybe you could try talking to someone who specializes in pain management (a pain management clinic?) and tell them of your concerns, etc. I'd assume they've come across the situtation before.

    Good luck!