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    Here are some helpful self-treatment tips.
    It is important for people with Fibromyalgia to maintain a regular sleep plan and to get treatment for sleep disorders if necessary.

    Chronic pain has been known to intensify in the presence of sound stress.
    Regular exercise is known to improve symptoms in some patients. For people with Fibromyalgia, low-impact activities such as walking, yoga or swimming are the best choice.
    Work with a physician to build up an effective medication regime.
    Gentle massage, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques are all usually considered beneficial with respect to chronic pain management.

    Some more useful resource to help you out from Fibromyalgia


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    Hi grg 1988

    Thanks for sharing tell me something more about supportive health care team.

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    When I feel my best, it's because I'm eating "as natural as possible". No processed foods. This is hard to stick to in today's who the heck feels like cooking all the time.

    But, when I make a concerted effort, I feel better...and I sleep better.
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    I feel best when I go back to basic, my hubby and I where both raised on a farm, and we have realized alot of the things we where raised with are better for us, we have been eating only fresh foods for about 3mos now and no package foods at all, we've planted a huge garden. and we"re looking into buying a half of beef from a farmer thats on nothing but grain and pasture.
    I will freeze as many vegs as I can for this winter,
    some of our squash, I think will stay o.k. in our basement.
    we purchased a turkey that was from the omish for thanksgiving last year and it was so good.
    we're juicing fresh vegs and fruit.
    I do feel some what better. still have a way to go.
    I take supplement,s and need to keep working more in to my rountine, so I look forward to everyones input.I"m not a nut about this .We do on occasion eat a hamburger& fries/but not often.and I had some frozen yougurt over the weekend, but I have stop using sugar.for the most part.
    I feel I can eat what God has made for us. and thats pretty much natural. Hugs Sixtyslady
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    Thank you Marvin for taking the time to note some self treatment options. I currently am living with fibro and am out of work without disability so I have no medical insurance so self treatment is an absolute must! Just a few things that you didn't mention that I find helpful...

    St John's Wort--(sp???) I usually take 3 a day just to keep stress levels down

    Saunas--If you have access to a gym with a sauna I highly recommend using it

    Weight Training- I find moderate weight training tends to stop the seizure and spasms in my muscles

    Aeromatherapy--for those of you with extreme sensitivity to smell, be very careful, but I find aeromatherapy candles or soaps calm me and help the pain
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    Thank you all,

    For sharing helpful tips..i will be waiting for more tips about fibro

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    Hello forum members I found some more effective fibromyalgia diet tips. An appropriate fibromyalgia diet should contain less dairy products, especially those that contain high levels of fat; consider using soy replacements instead (soy milk, tofu). Consume less wheat products, as they are not well tolerated by people with fibromyalgia. Reduce the amount of sugar in your fibromyalgia diet. Stay away from food products that contain additives, colorants and preservatives. Avoid any kind of fried foods; consider eating more boiled and baked foods instead. Add more homemade meals in your fibromyalgia diet; consume more soups, as the stomach better tolerates them. Consume more liquids. Reduce the amount of salt and spices in your meals. Reduce the amount of meat in your fibromyalgia diet. Consume plenty of vegetables and fruits, as they are a vital source of vitamins and minerals. Consider taking mineral and vitamin supplements.

    If anybody already working on this they can share some more information here

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    Anybody out there on this wonderful forum and who would like to add some more helpful tips for Fibromyalgia????

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    Pacing Yourself.

    No matter how well you have prioritized, if you don’t pace yourself properly, you may not have the stamina to carry out your plan. Estimate your energy level realistically, and allow for adjustments as your fibromyalgia worsens or improves. Here are some tips:

    Take breaks during or between tasks, before you get too tired. A ratio of 10 minutes of rest to every 50 minutes of activity works well for many. When your fibromyalgia is more active, rest longer and more frequently

    Alternate light and heavy tasks, doing the toughest jobs when you are feeling your best. Stick to the time you’d planned to work and then quit – you’ll get more done in the long run that if you wear yourself out

    Avoid rushing. You will be more efficient at a comfortable pace then on a hectic schedule that invites mistakes and accidents. Allow time for the unexpected.

    Divide big jobs into little ones

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