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    My husband had the bullseye rash, joint pain, ringing in ears,etc, but,tested negative for Lyme on several antigen test. His doctor simply said, you do not have lyme based on these test, period. He did not receive any treatment for his symptoms. That was several years ago and he continues to have the symptoms of mild pain,fatigue,and occasional ringing of ears, he also was dx with hypothyroid. My question is, he feels it is to late to do anything about medical treatment for lyme. He believes all he can do is get proper sleep and exercise to mimimize the symptoms,[which does help] is this true or is there medical treatment that could still be done? Thanks for any help.

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    Yes there is treatment that can be done. It would be best to find a doctor who knows about lyme disease. Most drs do not understand it. Even with a negative test result, a bullseye rash indicates lyme and if your husband had a rash he definatly has lyme. Hypothyroid is common with lyme disease.

    Because it has been several years, his lyme is at the chronic stage which is harder to treat, but it definatly can be treated. I had lyme for many years before I figured out what it was. I have been in treatment since Feb and am feeling much better. Treatment includes antibiotics for months and sometimes years. There are also herbs that can be taken that work for some as well.

    Diet is also very important. No sugar, alcohol or processed foods. Sleep is very important.

    Many people become disabled if they don't treat their lyme disease, so I would advise your hubby to be treated as soon as he can. Try some other websites for doctors names.

    good luck to you!!
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    Your husband's case sounds like a carbon copy of my ordeal. I had the bullseye rash in 1989. The doctor just laughed when I told him I thought I had Lyme. The test came back negative so I never received any treatment. It eventually went into remission until about six years ago when it came back with a vengence after I had antibiotics for another problem.

    I've been treating myself with a device known as a Doug coil, after the man who invented it, and I've recently started feeling quite a bit better. It generates a powerful alternating magnetic field at certain frequencies that damages the Lyme bacteria because of their long thin shape, and they apparently contain iron.

    There are many things that people have used successfully to treat chronic Lyme. The situation is far from hopeless. Do a lot of reading on the internet and you will find something that works for him.
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    There are also devices called Rife machines which work well for some. It sounds similar to the device that Chubby is using.