Selling all my gold "stuff"

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  1. jaminhealth

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    I've been selling off my gold "jewels" since early this year, got a nice little chunk of $$ when gold was about $1K an ounce and now it's over $1700 an ounce... could go as high as $2K an ounce in a couple yrs says the guy at the exchange...

    Today, I'm going over with my rest of my stuff except for the 3 gold pieces I still want, 2 sets of earrings and a little chain I never take off...

    Found a little silver stuff too so we'll see what that brings....those who want to get rid of silverware, that can bring in some nice $$$....I don't have any, my sister took my parents when they passed...

    I figure I need the $$$ for my acupuncture etc NOW and could care less about this jewelry anymore.....I've done my share of stuff shopping over my lifetime and now it's repairing as best I can my joints..... So I'll report on what I brought home $$$wise....
  2. jaminhealth

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    and no regrets on getting rid of the bits and pieces of gold jewelry....thought I'd get more, but it was light stuff 14k but light in weight. They figure it out with several factors, commission, melting costs and whatever else...but still it's a good deal.

    Talking to the young man who waited on me, told him I would be getting more acupuncture now and he asked me how that was and I told him pretty good...turns out he deals with RA since 12 yrs old, he looked in his mid 20's....told him about a board for RA people and the antiobiotic therapy and he was grateful to hear of it.....

    Then he said, don't your grandchildren want your old jewelry and I said no, they don't....he said he hears that all the time from people coming in and selling their gold and silver stuff....

    Anyway, it was a win win trip to the coin more gold left but what I want to keep and who knows where and when that will go.....

  3. Mikie

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    Earlier this year, I sold some old broken gold jewelry and I got enough to put new tires on my SUV. It may not sound like much but those kind of tires are expensive. At almost the same time as I sold the gold, the dealership had a "buy three, get one free" sale on the tires. Sometimes in life, what we need seems to come out of the blue or we have an opportunity to get what we need.

    I hope the accupuncture is helpful. Please keep us updated.

    Love, Mikie
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    Guess I shouldn't have shopped in Claire's for so many years :( I've never worn much jewelry. Have a nice watch that belonged to my mother, my wedding ring, and a Mother's ring. Otherwise, it's pretty much cheap stuff. (Real cheap stuff!!) Too many years of being a nurse, then would buy something to go with an outfit for a wedding and not wear it again because it never matched the next outfit...

    Good for you ladies! I'm thinking there's not much we have that our kids/grands will want, especially to wear. I'm greatful for my girls' hand-me-downs Do have some antique furniture of our grandparents that my kids will fight over though.

    Gold prices are unbelievable. When the stock market dropped several years ago I was going to invest a little in gold....didn't do it. It's triple the price now. What was I thinking??

    Pam, good to see you. Keep us posted on 'our' house. So nice of you to oversee the process for all of us :) Hugs to all..
  5. Mikie

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    All that attracted to jewelry. Then, in the 80's gold jewelry was made more affordable on the Q. It was in style and I bought a few pieces. Over the years, I ended up with a small pile of gold jewelry I no longer wanted. I still have a bit but seem to enjoy my costume jewelry, and the jewelry I assemble, more.

    Since I don't go out much, I wear my jewelry for everyday events. My diamond ring stays home while I wear the CZ ring in 14K gold most of the time. It's as beautiful as a diamond and I don't have to worry about it.

    Truth be told, I get more joy out of having safe new tires than I ever got out of that gold.

    Love, Mikie
  6. jaminhealth

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    for me for sure....what was important years ago when I was out working and making money, and really HEALTHY are no longer important in my life....

    What is important for me is keeping upright and being in less pain.....

    My old 91 yr old friend scaled down so much she lives in 300 sq ft, gave all her savings to her grandkids while she's alive...and she's pretty happy....she just sold her 85 mercedes for $1900 and she's happy... and she's spry....I should have that spry spring, not anymore...
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  7. Mikie

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    One thing that being chronically ill brings into focus is what's really important in our lives. Some live their entire lives and never discover the value of anything. As our needs simplify, the easier it is for us to be satisfied. I doubt than any of us would turn away from health and wealth but we now have the wisdom to go along with them.

    Love, Mikie