Sending out an SOS!!

Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by Cactuslil, Mar 7, 2002.

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    Hi folk! You know I only come here with a good excuse!! er..reason.

    My dear daughter Tina, who moved in here with Will and I in July is having "guilt" problems. She is hesitant to go out socializing and it has reached the panic attack stage!

    She hob-nobs with the likes of good influencial townfolk!! But these panic attacks and we have talked about it and I have told her to please go; I have so many interests I will be fine! Her brother will be fine! EVEN when she is here all we do is talk, watch tv, eat, play with our battalion (sp) of poodles!! It is not like she has to bathe me (yet), or cook or anything like that. SHE IS HAVING A SERIOUS MIND TRIP! She is only 27/8 years old! She told me last night it was getting worse...its Salmon time in Alaska and the vet she runs around with is starting his fish batches (big partytime).

    Could some of you please email her so she can get help by those in her shoes? She is a doll, smart and a real fun-time girl if she would snap out of this guilt-thing.

    Her email is CactusLil' (yes, we are beatles fans)