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    Hi, Welcome to the board.

    I am not replying on the thread you started because there is some problem with the board. It was
    updated a few months ago, and still has bugs that need to be worked out.

    Anyway, the board is a good place to visit. It is therapeutic for me; provides some social life too.

    When my mother was old she kinda caught on to the fact that her adult children didn't want too
    much to do with her. Her attitude was, so it was a bad childhood. It was 40 years ago.

    But a dysfunctional childhood in a home that is abusive is not like a rained-out picnic. It has
    lasting consequences. So far as I know, the best ways to fight back are meds, therapy and
    the 12 step program Emotions Anonymous. At any rate, they were of great benefit to me.

    You might want to visit the Depression board. And the chit chat board is nice place to relax
    and talk about kids, pets, TV, recipes, music, books, etc.

    Hope you can find some help.