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    Does anyone attend lunch at their local Senior Centers?

    In my area there is a community center that serves lunch 3 days a week and in the next town we serve lunch for seniors in a church kitchen {both sites are run by the same Senior Agency}

    I am the Site Manager for the smaller center and I have been doing this job for almost 5 years. I also deliver Meals on Wheels to 7 households. I really enjoy my job.

    Like alot of places we are losing some of our funding due to federal budget cuts. I'm praying they do not close my site.

    We are working on trying to get together a fund raiser but we're not exactly sure what to do. I do not know much about fund raising but I am willing to learn as I do not want to see this wonderful program to go away.

    Any ideas?



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    I don't know a lot about this topic,
    but I do encourage you to try to fundraise!

    Youself, OR, try to find someone who will work on that aspect for you.
    It such a worthwile thing, what you are doing,

    and many fundraising efforts are very successful.

    For a different cause years ago,
    actually at two different times, for 2 different causes,

    I wrote letters , copied,
    and mailed to all of the local businesses and entities, I could think of.
    I did get some responses.

    Someone could make phone calls or visits, instead of letters.

    If you have someone who doesn't mind talking, on camera, hopefully,
    then contact your local tv news,
    and ask them to cover the story and need,
    and you could get both business sponsers and individual responses.

    Sometimes a local newspaper will do it, too.

    Hope you get more suggestions!

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    Below is a press release out today about the Recovery Act that will provide funds for Senior Meals. Scroll to the link to check on the states, find your state, and then see what you find from there.