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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sherry, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. Sherry

    Sherry New Member

    Does anyone get scarey feelings in their chests from fibromyalgia? It feels hot and tight. Sometimes heavy. I also feel like something is moving. Maybe muscle spasms. I had my heart checked and its not that but my heart palpatates.
  2. nancyneptune

    nancyneptune New Member

    I have much of your symptoms too. It is from my esophagus spasming. The damn thing is always doing it and it mimics heart problems to the T.
  3. SCARLETT415

    SCARLETT415 New Member

    Hi Sherry,

    I have had the feeling that someone is sitting on my chest for a couple years. I also get what I call "flutters" that last only seconds but take my breath away. I have had several heart tests ran just to make sure but they are all negative. It scares people when they see me suddenly clutch my chest and a few seconds later is rejoin the conversation. The feeling makes me press my hands over my heart area. Very frightening at the moment they occur.

  4. kaymac

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    Yes, I get them too. My chest gets the heavy feeling. It scares me. I also have times that I don't feel as if my swallowed food is going down. I didn't know if this FM or other problems.

  5. JaciBart

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    MY chest is mainly a problem when I am at rest, I notice when I am doing something, cooking, cleaning, etc I am okay, it is mostly when I sit down & become a couch potato or get on the computer & just try to unwind that I notice it the most. Mine is mostly on the right side, my heart does sometimes get involved, it races, but it is as if I have another heart in my right chest and that one is totally nuts. I do relate these chest and heart problems to adrenaline, I can always tell when it starts up and then I have to just force myself to not go into a panic attack, I breathe deeply & just try to get thru it.

  6. Vicque

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    Dear Sherry....Please don't feel alone! I have suffered with the palpations, pressure, strange feelings, and on and on where my chest is concerned. I too have had all the tests run. I take Klonipin now for the last year, and it has decreased the panic and heart feelings at least 75%. But there are still times that my chest feels heavy, and my heart races. Basically it all stems from overload in the central nervous system, that is why I believe Klonipin works so well. It works on the nuerons in the brain that go into overload and spit out too much adrenaline. I have a few simple suggestions that might help. Put a cold rag on the back of your neck. Lay down on your back on the floor and put your arms straight above your head. Even putting on Aspercream on my chest has helped. We all react so differently, but don't think we don't understand. It can be very scary! You are in my thoughts and prayers....Vicque
  7. Kim

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    I've had years of experience with heart palpitations and the "chest thing". We have a nerve that runs from our stomach, past our heart, and involves our esophogus. When you get indigestion or acid reflux that nerve can set off the heart, make your chest feel full or pressured. Also bending over, drinking very cold liquid, eating fast, and many other things can set it off.

    When you relax on the sofa or computer your resting rate slows down and it allows extra beats (PVCs) to occur. Also in a sitting position you're more inclined to have PVCs because your body is bent right in the vagal response area of the stomach.

    Ways to make it better.

    Don't drink fluid with meals. Drink your water a half hour before and two hours after eating so your food isn't sloshing around with liquid, causing indigestion and acid reflux.

    Get the acid level in your stomach tested. Many people have too much acid and some people don't have enough.

    Take digestive enzymes (without HCI if you have acid reflux)

    A small dose of Klonopin or Xanax is better than living in fear and it works for palpitations.

    Watch what you eat. Stick to smaller meals and don't exercise right after eating. It's best to exercise on an empty stomach as far as reducing palpitations/chest pressure.

    Drink enough water (if you have low blood pressure or even normal blood pressure try adding sea salt 1/4 teaspoon)

    Deep breathing, prayer, massage.

    Funny movies often take my mind off it if I'm having a bad day, heartwise.

    Lots of magnesium (I take 1,200 mg. a day, prescribed by a heart specialist/electrophysiologist)

    Many people don't realize how closely related the heart and stomach are and that upset stomachs cause heart palpitations, then fear upsets the stomach more, more palpitations.....a vicious circle.

    Hormone fluctuations also.

    These are only some of the things that help. I finally started taking SECTRAL which is the only beta blocker approved for minimizing PVCs (the so-called skipped beats or extra beats, although it's actually a premature beat in the lower chamber of the heart and feels like a big flip flop) and it helps a lot.

    God bless you Sherry.