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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by prettyrose, May 13, 2004.

  1. prettyrose

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    Hi, I haven't been here for many months. I'm still trying to find a Dr. in my area. I would like to know if anyone has lost there sense of balance?
  2. LadyVee

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    My sense of balance has been compromised for many years before DX, however, it wa not nearly as frequent as it is now - I fall down often; I fall going up stairs; I can't ride a bicycle; and even have trouble exercizing due to balance problem. All my Drs. say is to advise my neurologist.
    Wish you well.
  3. prettyrose

    prettyrose New Member

    It sounds like you have as good a Dr. as I do.
    I went another Dr. and he says my thyroid medicine is to high so now I have another opion. By the time they decide what is really wrong I will be on my way to heaven. Thanks for answering my question. Pretty Rose
  4. littlerunningbear

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    hi pretty, havent been on in a while myself, due to the balance issue, ive been going thru a terrible time, with balance and vertigo, i finally told my doc that it was getting so bad that i get motion sickness, he sent me for an mri, eeg, and to an ent, they all came back with issues, but the ent told me that my balance issue were picked up a new machine that believe it or not is called and emg, i believe, yes the same one the use on the arms and other issues. I have some real issues going on, am seeing my neurologist next month. But this new machine can detect where your balance issues are coming from, dont wait to long to see the doc, cause bye the time i went, he said it was in the red, meaning real bad. But at least they know whats wrong. Hang in there,, good luck. bear
  5. prettyrose

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    Thank you for ans. my note. I'm really tired of all this and I am tired of feeling like when will I get some straight ans. The Dr. said I don't have arthrites so then where does all this pain come from? Thanks again and good luck to you. Pretty rose