sensitive teeth and excessive saliva

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  1. Mewsley

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    I would like to know if any one else suffers from sensitive teeth and excessive saliva. This is a new symptom I have added to my list. It seems each day is something new and I think my doctor thinks I need to see a phychiatrist. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Gracie65

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    I am so relieved to read that someone else has the excessive saliva problem. I have posted at another large site some time ago about this and there were no responses.
    This is a symptom that comes and goes. It lasts for several days when it appears and I spend time trying to rinse my mouth out many times a day or keeping tissues nearby and just keep wiping my mouth. Sounds gross I know but nothing makes it stop. It feels like I choke from it. I have even used anti-histamines in the hope that it would cause a dry mouth(a usual side effect) but that does not happen.
    Someone mentioned it could be anxiety but I am not anxious at the times it starts up...not that I am aware of.
    Now I know there are at least 2 of us.....
  3. jadibeler

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    My sensitive teeth need to come out (have dentist appt. next month) as they are time bombs, but as for the saliva, yes, that is a new problem for me.

    I don't notice much of a problem during the day but at night I just soak my pillow. I always drooled a little at night, just enough to leave toothpaste marks on the pillow case, but about a month ago I woke up to a thoroughly soaked pillow. I'll wake up in the middle of the night and have to try to find a dry spot.

  4. rasyte

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    I thought that I am crazy and that this it is something totaly not related to FM/CFS. I get it too. Sometimes it is better, sometimes worse. I have excessive saliva mostly at daytime. And yes, my teeth are sensitive and sometimes feels like they are not in the spots where they should be. When I bite hard, it is painfull as well. When it started I thought it is because I have sore throat almost always, but later I noticed that even when my throat gets better, I still have more saliva them I would like. You are not alone. Anyone else?
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  5. mamafurr

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    thought the drooling thing at nite was due to old next month. some times i spit when i talk,,,how embarrassing. maybe because i talk too much. naaah. can't get the words out fast enuf. lol. and my teeth? ouch...need a filling or whatever on the left. pain, pain, sensitive as well. have to brush my teeth w/warm water. and forget icecream...dang.

    good subject.
  6. mle

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    I've just recently changed my toothpaste to Sensodyne. I have noticed a change with the sensitivity, but not for the excessive saliva. Good luck!


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  7. Cycie

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    You are not alone, turning 53 next month and thought it was just an ole f#@t thing, but for the last 3 months the drooling is getting worse and is hard to get used to, I use Sensodyne toothpaste---doesn't help much with tooth sensitivety or the dang drooling, that's me anyway.

    Ya'all take care and have a HUG as well.
    I just love the board, don't know what I did B4 I found it.
    I find it very helpful for info re: the Support group, my friend and I run.
  8. pgename

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    This message board is great! I have had sensitive for many years and always thought it was somehow due to having braces. I cannot eat ice cream at all! Hot doesn't seem to bother them as much as cold. I too have to brush with warm water. I started using sensodyne too and it did seem to help.

    I am getting quite a bit of useful info from this site!
  9. libra55

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    What a relief to hear others have this problem. Fortunately I only have it at night. I have to cover my pillow with a towel, or it will be totally drenched. I am too embarassed to even mention this to my doctor or dentist.

    Well I will try the toothpaste change, and see if it helps.
  10. Prash321

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    It has been proven in studies that saliva flow reduced oral health problems such as tooth decay and gum problems. Saliva washes away harmful bacteria which harm teeth and gums. Excessive of saliva can not be a reason of teeth sensitivity. You must visit a doctor or dentist to know the actually reason of sensitive teeth.
  11. jkennedy

    jkennedy Member

    I have sensitive teeth and wanted to use a toothpaste without fluoride. Squigle Tooth Builder Sensitive Toothpaste has helped me so much, and it doesn't have fluoride. I order it from AZ.