sensitive to chemicals!!!

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    I just have to ask...does being very sensitive to agents..bleach..even sometimes windex..and perfume...have anything to do with is a lung thing with me...but I was always a little sensitive...but now its unreal...and I actually get sick...with a sore throat..and flu like symptoms...thank you this site is great...Jeanne
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    welcome!!! I am having the WORST flare That I have ever had. I had been feeling sooo great for months up until last week. I put a color on my hair, that was so strong smelling that I could hardly breath (SP)? Now I am totally without energy, and I am in total pain all over. I can barely lift up my arms. I cant believe how I am feeling. I mean just last week, I was painless and had so much energy. This is sooo wierd. I know it has to be from that dye. It seems like the minute it was on I started feeling sick. I can hardly believe it. NEVER AGAIN!!! lINDA
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    You are not alone!! I can't even go to a beauty salon because of the smell of hair dye, perms, etc. I also stopped dying hair because of the smell (plus the bladder cancer thing). Any strong smell can make me dizzy, give me headache, sore throat, swollen glands & also sick to stomach. 2nd hand smoke is a killer in more ways that 1.

    I've read it does have something to do with FMS...the hypersensitivity problems are common. I can't wear perfume either...just very light body splashs.

    Hey, nose plugs help when you just have to use cleansers. My hubby insists on using Pinesol for floors so that's his job now and I tell him to please tell me before he uses it so I can take a walk. He tells me I have the nose of a bloodhound...I smell the slightest odor so I guess it could be handy at times! I can tell tap water from bottled just by the smell and if any woman comes close to my husband I know it...LOL!!

    I'm curious if you are sensitive to medications too. I have to start out on very low dosages due to having so many adverse reactions to many. I've wondered if those 2 things go together.

    Hope you find some good scents like lemon or peppermint that you can use to get rid of others.

    Have a good, odor-free evening!
  4. DC77OI

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    Hi. There are some previous posts on this. You may have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). It's very common with CFS and Fibro. Try doing some searches on your PC for this.
    Good Luck.
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    I am very sensitive to chemicals now (as well as meds, food additives, etc.) I can't go to the beauty salon anymore either (I used to get highlights) . . . I've always been sensitive to windex, 409, bleach, etc., but now I have actually started using the old fashioned methods of vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, etc. for cleaning. I don't think I could stand it in the house if someone used Pinesol. My sense of smell is so acute now. I've also had bizarre problems with a new dishwasher causing a chemical in the house so I had to go to a hotel, a woodstove pipe (new) causing me to have to leave the house for 3 days and leave all of the windows open and one my husband decided to melt down some old Pier 1 candles and make one big one (they were scented) and I got extremely sick when he boiled the wax with the scent in it. I have CFS, not FM and I guess it can be present in both disorders. In the past few months I've started to get sick around cell phones and microwaves. My doctor told me that it is the immune system dysfunction causing our bodies not to fight off things that itnormally would protect us from. My aunt had a fuel oil spill at her home & I smelled it a month before anyone else did. I told her I could smell fuel oil & about a month later everyone else could smell it.

    Actually, I've read up on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity because I thought I may have that also, but that disease is actually much more extreme (or maybe just some cases are). They say people with that cannot even be in a house with carpet or paint . . . thank heavens I haven't reached that point yet. I read a post yesterday about seeing an environmental dr. and am considering it.

    Take care . . . there are actually some great books out there that give recipes for natural cleaning products. Whatever we can do to stay away from things that bother us will keep us feeling the best we can. Terri
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    for your helpful comments...I really appreciate knowing that its not just me...I will take into account the vinager,lemon, baking soda...and I have also just started using oxc doesnt seem to bother me...and does a fine job...Thank again All...(just love this site!!!)
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    Hi Jeanne, I also have MCS and can't stand any kind of chemicals. I had to remove all carpets and get aircleaners upstairs and down. Dogs and Cats kill me. I can smell cigarettes if I drive by someone smoking--even with the car windows up.I started using Fragrance free laundry products
    and that helped a lot. Fibro,CFS,Leaky Gut,IBS,Allergies,
    and MCS all go together it seems. I took the shots and got so much worse that I couldn't function anymore. Read about Leaky Gut Syndrome on the net. I was DX'ed with that. Even in the stores I am bothered with dust and fragrance. But when you take away one product, you just get allergic to something else.It's when your immune system is shutting down. I can't visit any of my childrens homes because they have animals. If I stay outside, my eyes still swell shut.
    We don't have much to look forward to--unless someone comes up with a cure. It's a very serious problem, that will only get worse. Shirley