sensitive to everything..need advice!

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    Here we go again. The only AD I havent tried is the Zoloft and Prozac. Cymbalta made my Fibro pain worse( my neck and back)I always get the side effects that fall into the 1% NO JOKE!!My doc said it was just the fibro..not the Cymbalta. I wonder if anyone else had my prove her wrong. Anyways, Im considering the Zoloft becuz of my battle w/depression, which Ive had since I was a teen. (Im 41 now)It ALWAYS comes back. I have thought about herbs and the natural approach but cant afford to see an herb specialist. Im taking Lexapro right now(tapering off) It made a huge difference at first then made me angry as a hornet and have grinded my teeth day and night... and then..I bit a hole in my tongue!! NO MORE! My therapist said we are running out of options and said theres always electric shock treatment( last resort) NO WAY! Please , If any one can throw their two-sence in Id appreciate it.My husband is trying to be supportive but hes getting tired of the rollar-coaster emotions in our house. Its really affecting him as well. Im a little worried about how much he will take before he gets tired of me.He is the only support I have. I really need to find a support group. One last thing..people keep mentioning something about a "shake" they drink..anyone know what they are talking about? Penny
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    were you on the Cymbalta? I felt like my neck and back.. shoulders were worse at first.. though my hips were better.. I'm on my second month now at 120 mg. and I'm finally seeing some relief.. not complete but some relief..
    I hadn't heard of electric shock treatment.. sounds barbaric.. I'm not much help here .. really just bumping you up for more input.. good luck Penny!
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    I'm very sensitive to meds. They keep me awake, they make me irritable, they annoy my stomach etc.

    I'm from UK and our meds are different but here's what suits me:

    I now take Co-codamol 30/500 and Pethedine (a narcotic) for at night to help with the pain through the night.

    I've not found a tablet to help me sleep.

    I would not let anyone use electric shock treatment on me, I havent even heard of it being used for our illness.

    I hope you find something that suits, I know how many meds I've tried and had to stop them all. Yet they're okay with other people.

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    Hi Penny, I'm not sure how much help I can be. I do want to say that I was getting depressed after a pretty good time with Effexor XR. I tried increasing--no good, added wellburin--made me very nasty. So, we tried Cymbalta and man this last 2 mos have been the worst. I was so sore and tired. I just went off it and back to the Effexor, figuring it is better than nothing!

    I do know I am too lazy to eat well, and I'm so inconsistent about vitamins and minerals that it's ridiculous. So, the recommendation to take natural supplements and diet improvements sure seems like a good idea. I just need to make the time to do it!

    Prozac worked well for me for a very long time. It might be worth trying? Maybe a new psychiatrist that sees fibro patients would be a benefit? I feel your pain, it's frustrating. I hope you find something that works for you. Honesty if I was able to choose the best med for my depression, it is vicodin. But of course no one would give it to us for depression.

    Good luck, I hope you find something, I wouldn't do electric shock treatment, it seems a bit extreme.

    Take care, Lisa
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    And thanks for the shake recipe!! To answer a few questions..I had taken the cymbalta for 6 months! I really hung in becuz of so many people saying that it would get better. It never got better...and it took a few months to get off of it as well. I am on hydrocodone, I take flax,primrose oil. magnesium, acidophilus, my viamins etc... I eat alot of protein..drink lots of water. Ambien for sleep. I really dont want to take AD's anymore but I know what happens If I dont. I tried going w/out for two months and I did nothing but cry and felt like life wasnt worth living. I cant function without meds...I am so angry,sad..I wish I could flush my pain pills down the toilet sometimes. I will try the shake, and some of the other things people have listed. I just have to decide what to try next for the AD. Thanks again to all who replyed it made me feel like somebody cares.