sensitivites (allergens food etc.) and whole food supps/synthetic

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    dear friends: I would like to vent and to throw this out for input please. Dr. Chen. my cfs recently is using a new test and it showed + for my overactivation of the th2-cytokine (allergy ashtma atopy) profile meaning i had a predisposition, which kind of fits with what he says i fit into the th1/th2 overactivation mold.

    Pain is relative to who ever has it. that is for sure. My top symptom is one many of you get sick of hearing and i have trouble putting it into words, a sandpaper desert dry fire ant like burning biting raspy tingling with constant thirst, in my mouth tongue throat bronchials with intermitten dry non productive coughing and it started 5 yrs. ago as my allergies started getting worse, i have about l2 other symptoms but htis one is bad,

    i react to everything even following the rotation diet menu put out to me by the ALlCAT testing lab in FLA

    my tongue stays looking like, i stuck it to an ice tray i know the ph is way off but can't fix it, I"M so sick of taking supplements pills this and that on empty stomach i stay up long enough to do all of it too much stress

    and frankly a lot of supps are syntheic and i don't think i and many of us are assimliating them

    SO let me throw this out - ON a rotation diet you are supposed to eat certain food groups on days l - 4,

    I can't mentioned the name of the co. but Jordon Rubin now a ND and nutritionist started it after being nearly dead with chrohns and many ohter problems,

    I"m thinking about trying them, WHAT do you all think

    I"ve got 2 varying opinionos from nutritionist who I've rad the folllowing to from the Townsend Letter for DRs. and patients bout the process this company uses for a green food and for a product from goat milk that the casein ins removed and the gluten and gliadin are removed during the fermentation process,

    "in order to neutralize their enzyme inhibitors and antinutrients such as gluten has been counteracted upon by the green food's predigestion process.

    process of fermentation utilized brings out the valuable nutrienet as part of the fermentation process the seeds grains and legumes are soaked whole germainated and predigested thru lacotfermention for 25-40 days such a form of fermentation is called ________ it breaks down the nturinenets into their most basic elments alloing almos total abosorption thru the dig. tract

    So anyways the staff nutritionist at the food allergy lab (delayed onset type testing) it's not same as eating food just start (max dose is 5 a day ) with l pill and see, no way to group foods in roation diet i said because they (seeds legumes veggies grains) are all in the mix. She said they are 100% pre digested but i just have to try and see, on the other hand

    A friend of mine in CA who is a bio chemist and used to do nutriional counseling and makes an electrolyte drink now said a person will still get traces of the bacterias used during the fermentation process (to get the organic foods down to the most assimilable form and it still gets into your system, and it's possible to react. your system and could react

    I told him in an ideal world i wish i could nix all synehtic supplments and go to the whole food supplments but i react to so much, and i'm convinced this is part of the worsened top symptom and i get rashe in roof mouth tickling like feelings ear popoping etc. from just about everything, i've always had that but with CFS and the overactivation state of my immune and shot gut ecology magnifiy that times 200 and that's how bad i feel truly, I may even react to these as he commented.

    I do know from my own reading this product has helped a lot people with chronic "gut problems" ie chrons, IBS, ph imbalance and other illneses.

    Thank you paul M.