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  1. jeniwren

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    I have FMS and recently I've been having an increased sensitivity to alcohol and was wondering if anyone else had had the same problem or anything similar?

    Not only does it now take only one glass of wine to get me "drunk" I also suffer with feeling ill for 3-4 days after.

    Thanks for your input,

    Have a great day, Jeni

  2. memaw

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    This disease put a halt to my party life. And I was single when that happened. Now, if a beer or a glass of wine sounds good, I can tolerate it, but if it doesn't sound good, it just won't even go down. I don't drink anymore except for a glass of wine every other month or so.
  3. sb439

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    (the only alcohol I drink these days is a glass of champagne on new years eve).
    It's very common in CFIDS.
    It may have to do with the liver having problems detoxing.
  4. aryiella

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    I binge drank prob once a week from age 15-24. Not all the time, but enough. After that had to start cutting back because my body could just not handle it anymore. The after-effects the following day were just too much to handle. The hangover is 10x worse now, and I usually am in bed the whole next day. So, my partying days are over.

  5. Hippo

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    I can't tolerate even a SIP of alcohol. Once I mistakenly started drinking an after-dinner coffee before I realized it had alcohol in it, and I started to get sick immediately. I haven't touched a drop in over 20 years.

  6. lilwren

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    I used to feel like you did about four years ago and then about two years ago if I drank just one glass of anything - beer, wine, mixed drink - I would immediately start vomiting. I have had like two beers and a glass of wine in the last year and I did not vomit, but did feel like crap for several days afterwards. In between that time I had done liver detox herbs and supps and I think that repaired some of the damage - I think (from my experience anyway) it may be a toxic liver issue. Just wanted to share my experience with you. :)

    Sharon L
  7. jeniwren

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    Thank you all for your replies, so far. I was beginning to think that I was mad or just maybe dodging know...maybe I'd had more to drink than I thought...but how you get more out of a bottle of wine than is in it to begin with I don't know.

    Two and a half glasses of white wine and I go on the rampage! It effects me not only quicker, but also more. The after effects are something out of an enemy's revenge. I'm still feeling very ill 3 days later!! This DD sucks!!

    Thanks again for your posts,

    ((((HUGS)))) Jeni

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  8. lorgirls

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    I am the same way. Just this past 6 months Ive went from being able to have a couple beers to 1/2 glass makes me drunk and feel shity for days after. I have been taking the same meds so Im not sure thats the whole reason.
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  9. KayL

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    I used to drink *a lot* socially many years ago. And I'm not an *alcohol nazi*, by any means, I've drank less and less over the years. But I have definitely noticed the past several years since I've had FMS symptoms, that ANY alcohol makes me feel completely awful, so I rarely, if ever, have any alcohol at all. I can have one glass of wine and feel crappy for days. Personally I'd just rather not drink; I don't need to, and it makes me feel worse, so it makes more sense to just NOT drink.

  10. kredca4

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    I had quit Social Drinking back in the 80's, I was out Socializing everynight. Then I started to get very sick, no matter what I darnk, usually just striaght shot's of Tequilla or Wiskey, with a water back, so I wouldn't get sick from the sweet mix's or get dehydred.

    A Doctor did a Spinal Tap on me and told me not to drink any more that it would kill me. So I quit.

    Then back in 1999, Hubby and I got involved with Karakoe Show's, I started drinking, just sipping on wiskey, to cut the flim before I sang. Well I got real Sick on such a few drinks, maybe 3 over a 5 hour show.
    Then to make matters worse, it laid me out cold on the bathroom floor after I got home, and I spent the night there on a Clean towel, cause I didn't think I could move.
    I was sick for 3 day;s, hubby said that I looked like death warmed over. So I Quit.

    We worked New Years 1999/2000, and I was the only Sober person in the bar. lol, but I also didn't get sick the next day. I wasn't dx then with the FMS, but once I was, and I did some research on the Symptoms, I finally had the answer to a lot of Questions, drinking being one of them.

    I also can not eat Patato's and I love them, starchy food's are bad for me, make me sick also. But not like the Booze.

    When I did Wedding's, I never drank the Champagne, not only because I felt it was unprofessional, but it made me sick, so I wouldn't have been able to finish the job. Never needed AA either, being that sick is a sure Fire Cure for me, lol.

  11. tansy

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    my speech and information processing. I would hit me quite quickly, my speech would become slurred (I get a lot of this anyway) and everyone would think I was really drunk.

    Then it felt as though my brain adjusted to this and I'd cope much better.

    Downside though was feeling really ill some hours later, so don't drink alcohol these days.


  12. jka

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    when i try to drink anything i feel like it's burning a hole in my also takes mw days to recup fromit.makes my muscles and joints hurt just stay away from it now.
    kathy c
  13. Bellesmom

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    This is one of those subjects that caught my eye even tho I seldom visit the board.

    I have been extremely sensitive to alcohol since becoming sick almost 3 years ago. I must say I do miss my champagne but so many of the meds we take are not supposed to be combined with alcohol anyway and I think we are so toxic already that one more toxic thing (alcohol) just goes way too far on our bodies.

    I am able to take a sip of wine now and then but it isn't the same as it used to be - doesn't taste right and I don't enjoy it like I once did. So, I guess I'll stay away from it.

    My naturopath doesn't want me (any of his patients) drinking coffee or eating anything that tastes good, either. I can't even think about giving up my coffee - it's the last thing I have that I still enjoy!!!!!!!

    Well - water, here I come (smile).

    Spanaway, WA
  14. jeniwren

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    Any more people out there with this problem???

    Thanks again for everyones input, it is very much appreciated.

    (((HUGS))) Jeni[This Message was Edited on 05/17/2003]
  15. jeniwren

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  16. kmelodyg

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    I used to drink alot. Last summer, when my Ficro can to full tilt, I started losing my ability to handle the alcohol. I could never have only 1 or 2 drinks cuz I would have horrible panic attacks in the bars or parties. So I would have to have 6 to 10 drinks. Then the next day, I would have the hangover from hell. None of my old remedies would work anymore, and my legs and back would hurt so bad. The I started taking pain killers and 1 or 2 drinks were like having 6-10. So, I gave it up this past New Years. I cannot even imagine drinking now.

  17. Mrs. B

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    Just like the most of you, I could party with the best of them. I didn't drink for a year or so because I was just too busy to deal with a hangover. I had a few drinks to help me sleep before I was diagnosed in March and was in bed for a few days. I have tried it once since I started my meds ( only had 2-3) my poor husband said I was a monster. I thought I only went in and went to sleep but, apparently, I yelled and was mean and for 3-4 hours... I had mo memory of it at all and would not have believed him except that I had written some things on some paper that I didn't remember doing. So, needless to say, I don't drink anymore. I'm glad my husband forgave me.

  18. mamafurr

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    hi jeni, i have been known to have a glass or two. look at my bio. i love wine. in the past 3 or so months notice the same thing as you. 1 glass and that's it. feel it quicker, stomach upset. it really p*&^es me off because that was one of the finer things in life. to sit out in the yard, in the evening w/my husband and chat about our day over a good glass of chard.
    dang, i thought maybe i had the flu again. even after been diagnosed for 13 yrs. i still get that stupid mindset. it relaxes me but now thinking not worth the trouble. and the next day...forget it. like a drank a barrel full. one thing funny about fm to me, is i feel like i have a hang-over even when i don't drink!
    take care,
  19. leokat

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    And agree that alcohol can have worse effects on me than at others.

    The hardest thing I find when I'm going through a really intolerent time is trying to avoid food (sauces, gravies, deserts etc) with 'hidden' alcohol in it.

  20. Mikie

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    I could drink anyone under the table, but these days, I keep it one beer or one glass of wine (for medicinal purposes only :) If I drink more, it's like I've been drinking all afternoon. Ha! I'm a cheap drunk.

    Love, Mikie