Sensory Integration Disorder starting eval for son

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenasvn, Nov 15, 2006.

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    Now I picked up the questionarie for my son's eval. of his issues.As I have researched it seem to be SID (sensory integration disorder). I will do the eval with the pediatrician. Of course I had the teacher send a letter to him as well about what she observed. He is not disruptive by any means, just have a hard time completing tasks, seem to connect slowly,etc. He is the sweetest guy and very sensitive like a budding artist should be! LOL!

    Someone from the school called, I assume it's a counselor of sorts and wanted to meet with me at home. I always get nervous about school personel,, is it that they work for the government maybe? Anyways, if anyone have been thru the process as you have realised your own child have learning problems because of disorders similar to Matthew's, your welcome to write. I prefer the pediatrician to be in charge of all of this, rather than the school.

    As I researched SID I realised that this is what I have and had as a child, but it didn't "exist" back then. Of course, since there was no awareness and/or sensitivity back then it caused alot of heart ache and problems as I grew up. I suffered in silence of course. I am glad- and sad- that I have found this out in time for my son to get some help. They can adapt behaviors and train the brain to get used to sensory stimuli (to some degree) with some training.

    It is too late for me now, although I have learned to adapt some.

    Gee, I am rambeling, I better let ya'll go!

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    The best person to do an eval for SID is an occupational therapist. Have you read the book The Out of Sync Child? It is very good. I dont know how old your son is but there is a great website for kids with disorders called conductdisorders just google that word. I know the name sounds frightening but they deal with all kinds of disorders from ODD,ADHD,bipolar,SID, TS to just about everything under the sun there. I have belonged there forever it My son has bipolar disorder and so do I. They have excellent parent support. It is a message board very similar to this one.
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    It's all good...and as he gets help, you will learn about yourself...and in that there is healing also...

    I don't know ifyou saw my thread about my older son yesterday...was a very stressful day for me as a mom...

    But he will get reevaluated by the school...the school also recognises that my husband and I have done alot to help him.

    Anyway...It's all good in the neighborhood...this is good for both of you!


    PS I put up a new pic of my little one on my bio!
  4. lenasvn

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    Many hugs! I have a major migraine and will respond properly as soon as I can.

    Suz- your son is a cutie!

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