sensory over load

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    hit over load..

    I had a friend pass away around the 10th of June.. and was in such a flare I could not attend service... then my Aunt passed away last week.. my Favorite Aunt.. she lived in NC.. so could not attend service again.. but was able to post something on her Obit on line for family... just to post my message took me three days.. and when I finally did .. I had to keep stopping because I could not se between the tears..
    To top this off .. my daughter is living with abuse from her husband and will be coming home to live with us... prob is she is in MI and we are in AZ.. I have no money to help get her here.. I keep trying to save.. but juggle bills already... she does have some money from school loans she can use.. but has to wait until Aug and catch a ride with some friends.. it kills me I can' t just go pick her up and baby will be 1 yrs next month.. oh and my spare room is now my office . so we will create a bedroom for them in my dinning room.. I have a very small two bedroom . or should I say 1 bed room and 1 office . 900 qr foot town house two story.. so not much room at all... I don't mind Turing my dinning room into a bed room that does not bother me ... its I just don't know if she can make it until Aug. .. well she is going to have to .. at least they are living with his parents and his mom is behind my daughter
    Work is crazy . and they customers are extreme.. I work Resolutions so I get the worst of the worst . LOL... funny but not .. if any of you work in customer service you know what I mean..
    sorry this is getting long...
    I hurt all over... aches pains... feet , legs, hips , hands, arms , back , neck, migraines. you name it ... it hurts... fatigue the worst ever.... nausea , constipation, Bladder control issues. , my eyes feel like I have black eyes ...just like someone hit me and kind of looks like it to.. you know dark dark circles
    yesterday after work. and remember I work from home on my computer.. right after work laid down and slept until 5 pm and got up for a couple of hours and back to bed.. until my normal 12 am or 1 am and on the couch I go sitting up to sleep because of my back.. working today is so so hard..
    I have read lots of post talking about sensory over load.... is this what I'm going through ? I just want to cry. I'm so tired, I just want to lay down .. I'm sorry I'm rambling and being a cry baby . ...

    ok with all that of my chest. maybe I can mange the rest of the day at work... When I'm like this I tend to scare my family so I try not to let it all show . you know how we hide how bad we really are... they are learning to see through me and can see it now.. I can't hide it anymore to well I guess or they have learned to look deeper.

    Thanks for listing to me rant .. and sorry this is so darn long...

    Take care all.. much love and huggles.. Spirit.

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    My you are having overload everything. It seems like when we get dumped on it pours. I posted last night about kinda the same thing and have noticed alot more posts about overload lately.

    My daughter worked with domestic violence and was in a bad relationship also. Tell your daughter to talk to victims reparation. They will get her home. Has she made any kind of police reports? Also talke to shelters for battered women they may be able to help also.

    have worked in customer service also-ouch!

    You are not being a cry-baby. I was crying all last night . Sounds like you also are going thru the not much sleep thing and it really wacks u out. besides it sounds like you are in a flare too.

    My family see's it too. Even tho we think we are hiding it,it shows in our eyes and face.

    take care of yourself-rest we will need it sorry about your looses

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    just want to send you lots of gentle hugs {{{{{{{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}}}}}}} you will be in my thoughts and prayers (and so will your dtr)
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    thank you for your responce..

    I have googled the Victims Reparation in my daughters state MI... she may be able to get some help... Thank you ... Yes he has not hit her.. but is very verbaly abusive , he has even brought his Mom to tears.... he did hit there truck when throwing a fit. so my daughter drove off and left him to walk home.. as she was abused by a man before and will not allow him to hit her. , she just can't take anymore... he is not wanting her to go to school, work, and last time he answered the phone when I called he threw the phone at her.. what does that say... really..... I never would have thought he would be like this... he was my friend at work before he met my daughter.. just breaks my heart.. she is just so far away from home.

    Yes I seem to be in a flare all the time anymore... I'll be gald when it lets up some... this is so darn hard ... yet I must keep going. ... sleep is yes a real issue and I even use my c-pac.

    it will get better ... I'm sorry to hear you also where in tears the other night... I send you Huggles.. Soft hugs that is...
    you know we must be prety strong people to deal with this DD .

    Thank you so much for sending hugs , for caring ... Thank you ..

    Take care my dear... Soft Huggles..

  5. FMsaddenedspirit

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    Thank you my dear for the Hugs.. I needed that .. and Thank you for the paryers... you are so kind to me.

    Soft Huggles
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    We all need to vent now and then or we will go crazy!

    Good luck with everything

    BTW, I was struck by your comment of dark circles under your eyes. If not from sleep deprivation, could you have food allergies????
  7. FMsaddenedspirit

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    Thank you my dear.. It sure helped yesterday to vent .. its amazing how much better you feel once you get it all out ... wow...

    you know I never thought of food allergies.. can that cause the dark circles ? I feel brused there for sure...

    look foward to hearing back from you ... Take care .

    Huggles... Spirit.
  8. Empower

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    My sister had food allergies, and she always had these dark circles under her eyes, even when she slept good

    I think she was allergic to eggs and milk
  9. FMsaddenedspirit

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    ya know .. my daughter just took her self off all dairy , and finally no longer has gut issues..
    we had tested for everything except dairy . over the years... always in and out of the Doc's office with tummy pain.. IBS , they Dx her with cronic pain. .. go figure hu at 13 and 14 she was already on Vicodine.

    I do drink a lot of milk 1 1/2 Gal a week by my self. LOL... and love eggs... would that not be crazy if that was part of my issues.. I'll check with my Doc and see if there is a Blood test or what I have to do to get checked....

    or I could try cutting it out of diet and see I guess.

    did your sisteer have any symptoms besides dark circles. ? just wondering .

    Thanks for chatting .and your support.
  10. Empower

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    Ya never know - it would be great if this helped you!

    I can tell you that cutting down on dairy has helped me

    I don't remember my sister's other symptoms - maybe a rash??

    An allergy doc can do the scratch test to check for food allergies