sensory overload or something

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    I dont know what my problem is but lately, I cant stand lots of sounds all at once. For example, I am on the phone with my husband, he's at the store, I hear him and all the checkout noises, the dogs are barking, there's a train going by, the tv is on and my son is bugging the hell out of me. I feel like I am going to go lose my mind! I just want to scream, but if I do that, I will end up with a headache. Is this sensory overload or something else?

  2. 3gs

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    Hi Teresa

    This is one is hard to explain to people. I can be with my gkids and all the noise and feel the same way!!!

    It is part of this dd(geez what isnt anymore?) If you put it in search it will bring up past posts. People have trouble at grocery stores,church all kinds of things.

    take care
  3. quanked

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    Not sure what it is called but I have similar experiences. Somedays I can tolerate more noise and chaos than others. There was a time when most of this kind of stuff rarely bothered me. Now, I clearly understand the desire to scream but I know that screaming would only increase the noise level.

    I often feel like too, too much is going on. And I keep forgetting that I cannot handle it all like I once did. And I hate that I cannot.
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    Went out with family on a little outing. Kept an earplug in one ear to help. Would have
    put the other in if needed.

    Wearing sunglases inside now too.

    ENT said that some pple just get more sensitive with age and there is nothing to fix it.

    Well, I think more of it goes with these DD's than the normals.

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    I think it is a common syptom with FMS being sensitive to noise. I am hard of hearing and I am very sensitive to loud noise although I have to ask people to speak up I cannot stand loud noise. I have researched this and found this is not uncommon with us. I also notice with myself since I also have cognitive problems I cannot follow what people are say if there is too much back ground noise now that I am sure is partially do to with my hearing problems but I also think it has to do with my cognitive, senistivity to noise.
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    I don't like the tv loud and I cannot do work at the computer or on paper with any background noise. I also need complete silence to go to sleep.

    I was told by a psychologist I carried a defense over with me from a disruptive childhood to adulthood that noise, such as when my children were small, becomes background noise to me, which is a blessing. It works with my grandson that I watch now.
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    "excitatory neurotoxicity"-- i think that term describes it perfectly. what you describe is exactly what happens with me. i think we respond to input very differently from 'normal' people. i am extra-sensitive to noise, light, commotion, movement, sudden noises, heat, too much conversation-- the list goes on-- i get very riled up/collapse into instant exhaustion such that i get dizzy, light-headed- can't take it- then i relapse into exaggerated cfids illness symptoms.

    this is very common with cfids/fm illnesses and is no fun atall atallatall. sascha
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    When I use to work.... WHen I came home and my husband was already home with the tv on it drove me crazy. I had to have ten minutes of complete silence. After being in noise all day I just needed the time to settle down. I would mute the tv or sit outside

    I rarley listen to the radio in the car anymore, and cannot listen to the tv while being on the phone or computer.