sensory processing disorder on the radio

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ephemera, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. ephemera

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    My local radio public radio (Voices in the Family) had a discussion program 7/7/08 on sensory processing disorder for children. I phoned in with a question & was on hold for a long time. As the program was ending my question about my sensory overload as developed from FM CFS MCS, etc was heavily edited into a short question.

    Still, I was thrilled that any local program would address the topic, even briefly. The program will rerun & an archive is available for listening later.

    if anyone is interested

    best thoughts to all
  2. mommyofgem

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    I'm amazed to hear that phrase from someone else!! My daughter (age 3) was diagnosed with SPD 4 months ago and has been undergoing occupational therapy. I've just as recently been diagnosed with FM and from what I have been reading so far the two are very similar... I just pray she's not heading for a life of pain! Just wanted to say hello and thanks for posting!
  3. findmind

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    I cannot help but wonder...

    Is SPD and autism the same?

    Does FM start out as SPD, even as a young child?

    Interesting subject...thanks!


  4. ephemera

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    I don't really know much about autism or SPD, I really do know much about my sensory overload. I know more than I want to, that's for sure!

    I don't know where SPD, autism, FM, etc. sit in relation to one another in the continum. Mommy, I feel for you & your child.

    I brought up the subject & I'm glad the posting has sparked more awareness & discussion.

    best thoughts to both of you