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    She said she has read my postings off and on on the Fibro board. She said to post here with my story and questions.

    I have been sick for over 2 years. Im in my mid-fifties.

    I still think most of my damage is related to taking a 6 day dose of Levaquin back in Dec. 2005.

    But, I was a gardener here on the Central Coast of California for 25 years. I worked outside contantly in pine and oak forest areas with tons of deer. Worked on a golf course for a few years too. Like I many deer here. They walk in our yard every other night too.

    During that 25 years I was bitten by everything in that time. Spiders, including a few "small" black widow bites back in 89. I had yellow jacket stings, wasp stings, other spider bites, flea bites and found many ticks on me every few years.

    But I was always told that Lymes disease didn't exist here on the Monterey Peninsula part of California.

    And when I first got sick and felt like I was dying with all these horrific symptoms exploding on me in a few day of the doctors I eventually went to for body pain was a rhuemotologist. He tested me for a lot of things related to inflamatory responses including Lymes and said the Lymes part came out negative.

    Now, 2 years later I have asked for a new test and the doctors I have mentioned this request to say it isn't needed since the one two years ago came up negative.

    You can't force them to do another test.

    And that Rhuemy I went to was a first year private practice doc who didn't seem that concerned about finding out what had happened to me so suddenly.

    I had diagnosed tendonitis, which he diagnosed, including a torn rotator cuff in right shoulder...fractured vertebrae L-1 posterior and some disc degeneration C-6 and C-7, brady cardia into the thirties which has come back to a more normal beat since then,minor to moderate bronchial asthma which I naver had before and an incredible assortnment of GI tract problems ( gastritis, H-pylori, GERD, middle intestinal inflammation, diverticulitis, significant candida.

    Got tested for b-12 a year ago and the endo said it was the loweest reading she had ever seen. 160? I got a few shots and quit taking these after about 5. Went back a month ago and am back on shots as my latest b-12 reading was only 200 to 250 this new time. I was diagnosed with low testosterone and rubbed some androgel on myself for a whle. My test for this come back slightly above the lowest range so the docs don't recommend I use this anymore now.

    I also had a moderately swollen prostate now and I have tinnitus in my left ear. My eyesight got instantly bad and sensitive to light. I get chills all the time no matter if I am in bed covered up. I am dizzy often and my nerve system seems so wired and I am seemingly over-sensitive to almost everything. I take occassional medicines and vitamin and mineral supplements and I get so sick feeling...Lots of pain and gas too. Horrible horrible I am dying inside.

    I have been given morphine once and delauded and I felt like I was going to die.

    The top of my head felt like it was going to blow off and I got so sick and nauseated and this lasted for hours. Again, like my nerve system is hyper-sensitive.

    My stools started smelling so bad two years ago and are evn worse now. Doesn't matter what I eat. They also always look the same...pale yellow brown. My urine smells so bad too that it is gagging. This started around the same time as everything else.

    The urologist said it wasn't anything to worry about. Drink more water he said. I do and maybe it dilutes it a little but it still stinks bad enough that my wife still mentions it.

    Pain and weaknes through shoulders, arms, hands, back and side chest, ribs, thighs, knees calves, ankles feet. So sore . You touch it wrong and you feel it. Exercise and for too days it's so sore. Weakness is bad in shoulders and ankles. Fett have started feeling puffy and tender and sore and kind of hot. I have to shift them when I'm in bed all night. If they toucvh each other they hurt.

    That's it.

    Anybody know a doctor in Nothern California like San Jose, South Bay area , Santa Cruz area that won't treat me like a psych case? And who is willing to take on a complicated case like me? Monterey I give up on even though I live here. Let me know.
    Thanks, JB
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    Welcome to this part of the board and I think it was very smart that the other poster sent you! I'm new to this lyme problem myself, but I know that lyme is very prevalent in California. It's one of the highest incidence states for pets! Your history would make it seem impossible for you NOT to have lyme! The good news is there is qualified lyme literate help out there! ( :

    I just saw an LLMD for the first time last month. He is in Redwood City. He's the Northern California expert, apparently. I liked him very much. There just aren't that many around. I don't know if that's too far for you, but he will also do phone appts once you are established. It's a reasonable drive from where you are. I live about 3 hours away myself. You can also go to the Yahoo California Lyme Group and ask for referrals in your area.

    Good luck and all the best!

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    I accessed the lyme site. Hopefully can find a doctor in this general area that will be more open minded and get me the good test.

    Thanks, JB

    Oh, just last april I went walking a dog in the Big Sur area and that night I found 8 ticks on my body and in my hair. 8! Took me two days to find them all.

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    Go to the Lymecrymes database to access PUBMED articles for your doctor. Click on the left handed tool bar. Then start reading!!! Print the articles for your doctor. They will listen to Pubmed. That's their database.

    Lyme is in California!

    Contact the CALDA for doctors near you.
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    and say that ticks are evidently attracted to the smartest, prettiest, funnest people in the world!! IMHO