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    A bit off topic, but medical none-the-less, and we know surgeries can be harder on us with Fibro. I'm having a much postponed Septoplasty next Thursday. So keep me in your thoughts. Anyone been through it and have any good tips for keeping the pain down and staying as comfortable as possible?

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    I had "everything BUT the frontal sinuses" (easier for me and my doctor to remember) done the first week of January. I am taking a long time to heal from the ethmoid and sphenoid portion of my surgery (exposed bone, therefore continued infection) but otherwise everything went OK. My doctor and his nurses knew upfront that I had fibro and although the doctor wasn't knowledgable about fibro, and admitted it, his nurses were. They made sure that I had ample medication (percocet and lortabs) to use after surgery and painwise, I did fine. When I had to extend my leave of absence from work for a few more days due to pain and swelling, they actually called me in additional meds. I hope your surgical experience goes as well as mine and that your healing time is shorter. I'll keep you in my prayers.

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    Yea, I've been thinking about this surgery for two years. But I finally got to the point where I was fed up with having to breath through my mouth at night and it drying out and hurting, etc. I know the risks, and fortunately am not working right now, which is why I'm going with it now, so that I don't have to worry about work to contend with.

    Thank you for thinking of me though, and I'll keep everyone posted.

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    Hey, I also had major sinus surgery (ethmoidoctomy, bilateral windows, septoplasty, etc.) I do not know what kind of splint they will place in your sinus after the surgery, but for me, I had to sleep upright for sure. Everytime I would accidentally roll over in my sleep the pain was excrutiating. Just remember to prop yourself up good and get plenty of pain and anti-nausea meds before you go home. The recovery will seem very slow but as soon as the splints come out it is like night and day!!! If they use the same splints they did on me you will be very alarmed when they pull them out. I was shocked when they came out. You just can't imagine that something that large is in your sinus. The relief after the splint removal was almost instant!!
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    I just did all my preop. I have to have the splints for TWO weeks. :( And they will keep me over night if I'm in too much pain so they can manage it better. :) That's a good thing.