serious brain fog

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    I was just wondering if anyone else has problems with brain fog. I get working so much that I cant think anymore and do stupid things......I forget things I just's crazy.
    Any tips on how to help this????? it's so frustrating....
    sometimes I fell like people talking to me are speaking another language! LOL.......
  2. wish_to_be_healthy

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    My brain the past days...

    Tips...that's a good thing...If I could get it working right...Prickles has a good point...

    Other folks on the board? Any tips????

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    About The Fog

    Please excuse my rambling on this subject.

    Fog is an impairment of cognitive abilities, a feeling of detachment, vertigo, confusion and even uncoordinated gross motor skills. Slower overall reaction time of both mental and physical abilities cause does cause problems at work. It is much like alcohol hangovers with similar social effects. The more cognitive abilities required, the more noticeable the effects. So the week ends will score lower than work days. This is not like ADD where I can’t remember right from left or when I forget where my windshield wiper switch is located. It is also not like ageing where I loose nouns and go blank in the middle of a sentence. It is very different and changes intensity day by day. Usually Fog has a distinct time of day schedule.


    1= unable to complete complex tasks
    2=unable to complete multi step mundane tasks
    3= counterproductive, possibility of loosing my job
    4= confused, forget day date, location…. I knew who the president was yet spelled my name wrong.

    Chart currently in my profile

    Sometimes narcotics will lower the intensity, but it is easy to trade one problem for another. This suggests to me that “The Fog” could be connected to pain some how. Stimulants have increased my ability to remember what I just saw on the page, then able to type on the computer. On a bad fog day I can’t read 5 numbers then type it. I will have to type 2 numbers, then 3 numbers and then check to see if that is correct and frequently it is wrong.

    I have a difficult time converting short term memory to long term. I may look up the same instructions two or three times one day, only to have to look it up again the next day. When undertaking a complex project, I will continually “flog a dead horse.” I don’t know if I am not remembering how to accomplish the task at hand or if the task actually cannot be performed using the method I am using. Periodically it will get extremely frustrating and I will give up or begin to silently cry like a child. I have only discovered loose correlation between Fog any other set of symptoms, drugs or activities. From what little data I’ve collected it appears the volume of all symptoms combined graph as similar patterns. With the current amount of data there seems to be no cause and effect interaction between the symptoms individually. It would require a few studies.

  4. MelaC

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    So good to know I am not the only one who forgets my name. Thanks heavens I have my husband and kids to help.

    I find that I also have a problem remembering short term things, like what I just did or said. Or I will be on my way to do something only to get there and have forgotten what I was going to do. I often have problems absorbing information and everything seems to be garbled. I also often have a problem when talking, its almost as if I am thinking faster than I am talking and as a result come out with some very amusing comments. Very funny but frustrating.

    In my case I have noticed it fluctuates depending on whether I am tired or unwell.

    I find if you can laugh at your mistakes it makes it so much easier to cope with. My family accept it as a part of me.
    I keep a pad and pencil with me and write down what I want to do or say and when done cross it out. This works for me.

    Take heart, you are most certainly not alone.
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    I haven't forgotten my name yet (probably thanks to deep ingraining by my parents when I was little in case I got kidnapped) but I have forgotten my best friend's name and her birthday. I also had a really bad day the other day where I couldn't hold a conversation for anything. I either forgot what I was talking about or switched to a new topic without realizing it.

    I also often forget names of common appliances, so I just point at things and say "that thingie!" or like..."the um...fridgey...thingie..."

    It gets the point across :D

    PS: PRICKLES - My German teacher would always say after repetition exercises that we acted like we were learning a foreign language or something. Funny guy, that one.
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    Oh yes, this isa huge problem for me. I am going to FFC and I went in 2 wks early because it was so bad and really scaaring me. This all a part of what we have. So far, mine has not gone away. Just have to keep treating this horrible malfunction we have and someday it will improve. I don't think there is just 1 fix, everything has to be worked on to bring things together.

    Good luck!!!
  7. Catseye

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    My brain fog was pretty bad. I had post it notes all over the bed and my house. It got to the point I couldn't even see them anymore. I would get thirsty, go in the kitchen and open the silverware drawer and then I couldn't even remember what I wanted in the first place. Never mind the long story but when I started concentrating on my liver, things started to work again. So ear liver healthy, do dairy, no wheat and use supplements that help the liver. It's responsible for almost all the chemicals in your body. Things that helped the most for brain fog: phosphatidyl choline, MSM, TMG, amino acids (Acetyl L Carnitine, N Acetyl Cysteine, Sam e, arginine, ornithine), adequate but not too much protein, digestive enzymes, EFAs. And take these for mitochondria and liver: CoQ10 (absorbable form in oil, yes expensive) ribose, NADH, extra magnesium (make sure a good absorbable form), a good multivitamin and mineral supplement (like from a health food store, not Centrum), a good electrolyte solution (not gatorade), extra B vitamins. And for the brain: phosphatidyl serine, a precursor to neurotransmitters. I had tried all these at different times before but it was only when I took them all together I had real, dramatic relief and could think and read again. Of course, we probably need to all mix and match our own recipes because it depends on what's going on in our livers but don't believe your doctor's tests that say your liver is fine. I did and ignored it and suffered for almost 4 years before I wised up. When you start putting supplements in your body that your liver is supposed to make and you start getting back to normal, it's because your liver wasn't making them! Just because a couple of proteins and a few liver enzymes are at normal levels in your blood (liver function test) doesn't mean your liver is functioning properly in every way. Dr. Cheney's cfs protocol should be looked at. I think he traces everything back to the liver being overburdened and losing its abililty to detoxify properly and then you get a domino effect in the rest of the body. It's a quick effect as I went from normal to incapacitated in 36 hours when I first got sick. Look up all these things and don't say "oh, I probably don't need that", you can only tell by taking it if it's going to work. If we had time travel I'd go back and shove all these pills down my throat that horrible day when I couldn't get out of bed. The reason I didn't think it was my liver at first was because my liver doctor (I had hep c) said my liver was just fine and it couldn't be the problem! My God, what I've learned about doctors since then! Even when you have all the symptoms of something, they still blindly rely on their stupid blood tests! I also develped celiac disease and a severe dairy intolerance almost overnight. These simple pills are fixing my brain fog. They're all things the body uses, check them out.